EntroPay: Virtual Card Payment for Online Casino Deposits

EntroPay: Virtual Card Payment for Online Casino Deposits

Casinos are now accepting the new virtual credit card EntroPay. If joining online casinos was a task alone in the past, this now makes it easier. Making a deposit catches a few people out because the casino they want to join doesn’t accept or use their bank option. Payment issues are now a thing of the past, betting doubts are now eradicated, help is now on hand. The support EntroPay offers will be a big relief to those still using older techniques for bank transfer actions. Here we are going to talk you through the process and about the virtual funds on offer when you change your transaction method from land-based banking to online banking. So let us share with you now the service of the business that is Entropay and how it benefits its users.

EntroPay: Introduction to the new online payment method to help you register with online casinos faster and easier.

Modelled primarily on the same system as a Visa Card, EntroPay is a prepaid virtual card that works in the same way as traditional credit or debit card. EntroPay is available in Euro’s Pounds sterling and American dollars. An EntroPay account is not a bank account so you cannot setup direct debits or issue cheques but you receive a virtual Visa card with which to process your physical and online transactions.

It’s important to note that you do not link your bank account to your EntroPay account as you do with an e-Wallet, it is just a virtual Visa card and you simply ‘charge’ the card with money from your banks debit or credit card. A fee is charged for each amount that is loaded onto the account.

How does EntroPay work? Here is the process of getting signed up with EntroPay and using it for payments online.

Signing up for EntroPay is free and very easy. You simply fill out an online application and select a username and password. Once registered in this way they will ask you for some supplementary details about your Debit or Credit card and once verified you can use all the features of the account.

Similar to credit cards, the EntroPay card has a defined limit, which you cannot exceed. It takes 4 working days for information to update in your account section online. When using your card it operates in exactly the same way as a traditional Visa card. It has a card number, expiry date and a CVV security code on the back, which must all be given when making purchases online. It’s also possible to hold multiple accounts and alternate between them when making financial transactions.

The Best Virtual Credit Card on the market so far? The pros and cons behind the EntroPay virtual banking method.

  • Secure transactions, protected by the latest 128 bit encryption technology
  • A physical card option is also available to be able to make traditional payments
  • Regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • When depositing at an online casino it is normally free however you are charged a fee to load the card so it can be a costly process in the long term
  • Withdrawals onto the card are subject to a fee of 1.95%
  • There is a limit to how much you can load onto the virtual Visa card

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