Rabcat Gambling

Rabcat Gambling

Founded all the way back in 2001, Rabcat are based out of Vienna in Austria and are a leading supplier of high quality casino games, applications and real time 3D content for the online casino and video gaming industries. The company has worked closely with casino software giants Microgaming on the online casino side of the business and their games feature in their Quickfire game distribution platform.

Prior to all of this, Rabcat have been collaborating with big names such as Rockstar Games, Microsoft Game Studios as well as Disney Interactive on the video games side of things. Rabcat is also a part of the highly popular and successful multichannel gaming platform ‘win2day’ which is operated by Casinos Austria AG and the Austrian Lotteries.

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Rabcat Gambling Slot Games

Rabcat’s online casino portfolio features an extensive language support module and their slots come via Microgaming’s Quickfire delivery platform and also Odobo system which works in a similar way to Quickfire. Now while they might not have as an extensive slot selection as some of the other slot providers, you can definitely say they have some of the most innovative in-game features and from a technical standpoint their online slot games are no less than absolutely stunning, featuring examples of high end graphics found in most modern next generation console games such as those for Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

They tend to produce games with features that mix modern elements of video gaming such as player achievements, levelling and interactive ‘point and click’ alongside crazy variations of more staple slot features such as wilds, free spins and multipliers. Their games can be played directly from within your favourite browser and from a smartphone or tablet device and are a sure-fire way to keep you entertained for hours on end, try Castle Builder with it’s crazy levelling system or River of Riches slot with its crazy free spins and fixed wilds, all Rabcats games a rammed with great features and packaged with stunning visuals.