Casino War

Casino War

Despite what you might think, casino war was probably one of the first games that you ever played. No? Remember those summers spent hanging around with your friends playing a simple little card game called ‘War’? Ah ha see now you remember! Well, that simple game that gave us so many hours of fun was taken and transformed into Casino War, a game that can now make you money and give you that nostalgic experience all in one place. Want to relieve your youth and win a cheeky jackpot at the same time? Casino War lets you do just this, in both online and land based casinos.

Casino War

The history of Casino War

Casino War is actually a fairly new game even though it’s derived originally from the card game ‘War’. Invented in the 1970’s as the result of a casino owners search for a simple yet fun game to introduce to his patrons, Casino War gained instant popularity among new and old casino players and brought a whole new meaning to the term accessibility. He introduced it into the casino and gave it a betting structure, but still retained the simplicity that made it a favourite in the first place.

It was later on in the 1990’s that Casino War was ported over to the digital world and was introduced as a new game in online casinos. It still stuck to its basic principles and allowed both experienced Casino War player and nostalgic war player the opportunity to play the game from the comfort of their own home via their internet connection.

The rules of Casino War

A very easy game to learn, Casino War is simple in both its design and execution. You play heads up against a dealer and the object of the game is to have a higher card than that of the dealer to win. Played usually with 6 decks of cards, you place your initial bet then receive the card from the dealer. Then he receives a card and you compare the outcome. If your card is higher you win, if the dealer’s card is higher, then they win. It really is that simple.

If at this point though you both have the same value of card, you may opt in to what is known as a ‘battle’. This is essentially a double or quits bet that follows the same game rule as the main game. You both receive an extra card and whoever has the highest card wins the double ante.

The use of strategy in Casino War

Of all games in the casino, Casino War offers little in the way of usable strategies unlike Poker or Blackjack for example. One of the biggest points for contention is the tie bet. Not really a strategy as such but more food for thought, you should know the house advantage sits at around 2.88% and the biggest argument against the constant use of the tie bet is the fact that you can potentially lose your money twice. Remember, in the case of casino games that do not offer a definitive strategy, the first you should look to do is to conserve your bankroll as much as possible and play safe. This means you wouldn’t play the side bets, at all if possible, but at the same time not bet all of your money on the main game as you may need some funds for a battle or two.


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