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The history of casino war

The history of casino war

In its current incarnation, Casino War is actually fairly new. As a game, its popularity has grown quite quickly with it even being offered as an option in the majority of online casinos these days. In this article we will look at the history of the game and how it has evolved from ‘War’, essentially a kid’s pastime, into a fully-fledged casino game in its own right.

The absence of war does not mean peace

During the 1970’s, a forward thinking casino owner from Las Vegas realized that his clientele wanted to have fun with an easy to play card game. He realized the type of game they wanted not only had to be both fast and fun; it had to include attractive win options and be quick to learn. He had observed his clients habits and posed the question on multiple occasions, he noticed they were not attracted by Blackjack or Poker because they involved heavy strategies nor Baccarat as it was considered too posh by this new breed of clientele.

As a direct result of listening to his customers, this casino owner decided to introduce the game of ‘War’ into his casinos. He renamed it Casino War and the game became a huge success due to its simplicity, the key here being that anyone and everyone could learn the rules in an instant and play this game within minutes.

How does it differ from war?

The main difference between the original game of ‘War’ and Casino War is that with Casino War there is money involved. In Casino War you have to make a bet initially before being dealt your cards. If the card you receive is higher than that of the dealer then you win. There are also side bets available to the player in casino war.

Another difference between the 2 games is that in Casino War there is technically no end to the game. The cards are simply reshuffled and replaced into the shoe to be dealt again. Patrons can play indefinitely, with the only real reason to leave the table being that of collecting their winnings.

The birth of Casino War online

When the first online casinos appeared in the 1990’s it was only a few years after that we saw Casino War translated into the digital format we know today. Game developers at the time worked especially hard to try to build an atmosphere in the game comparable to that experienced at the casino and also a mechanism that could guarantee absolute fairness when it came to playing.

Just as other games before it, casino war stuck to these basic principles and, as a result skyrocketed in popularity among online casino players. Completely accessible, it allows both avid casino war players and nostalgic War players to relive their passion and play again and again from any computer with an internet connection.

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