Craps Strategy – Winning at Craps and Beating those Odds!

Craps Strategy – Winning at Craps and Beating those Odds!

The game of Craps has gone from land-based popularity to now online casino stardom. It’s a game of chance that uses dice in combination with a variety of bets and is played on a table with a mat that draws small similarities to that of a roulette mat. It’s thought to have originated either from Great Britain or France originally and was brought to New Orleans in the United States by the French. New Orleans went on to become known as the cultural capital for this game.

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Craps Strategy – Winning at Craps and Beating those Odds!

Craps Strategy - The rules of craps & systems behind the #1 table game, how to play + learn to make winning bets.

A lot of people are intimidated by the game of online craps but in reality, it isn’t that confusing once you get to know the rules of the game properly. There are a number of different bets available to you as a player but when starting out you only need to know a few important ones, as for the rest, it will be clearer when to use these once become more experienced at the game. Like all games of chance, you will need lady luck gracing you with her presence at all times.

Strategies in craps – Basic craps strategy to help you learn the fundamentals and key points of the craps game.

In craps, there are so many rules that it makes sense to have learnt as much as possible in order to form part of your overall strategy when playing. Knowing what and when to bet is crucial if you’re to gain any advantage over the house and be able to capitalise of any given situation. Craps requires adaptability in play style which can only come with knowing the game inside and out. Don’t let this deter you however, as everyone has to start somewhere. Take the time to read through our craps guides and gain a better knowledge of the craps game as a whole.

The sharpshooter technique – Place some winning bets with gambling with this favoured shooter craps strategy.

Among various techniques and the numbers of ways to play that were developed to gain the edge at the craps table, one of the most calculated is the ‘sharpshooter’. Its moniker derives from the nickname of the man that invented it and it’s a technique of being able to throw the dice with the ability to have them land exactly on whichever number you choose. Many don’t believe this can be done and some have verified this as legitimate but is it really possible? There has been much time spent on discussions surrounding this, both in craps circles as well as by mathematicians and engineers. Some believe and some don’t, what do you think?

The patient field technique – More craps tips strategy but it’s rarely used by others in craps strategy play.

Another strategy that’s employed at the online craps table is one of the ‘patient field’. This strategy is based upon the notion of carefully watching the game, betting small and biding your time until it’s the right time to place ‘proper’ bets and ride the luck of the table. It sounds laughable but it’s a strategy that has been studied and effectively measured by statisticians in the past and at the very least ibecomes a low risk tactic in conserving your bankroll in the long term.

Winning a craps tournament – It’s the best way to use craps strategy. Nothing like beating a real opponent.

Recently the trend for craps tournaments has skyrocketed and online casinos seem to have welcomed this by organizing regular events every week that cater for players that enjoy this tournament style of play. There can big prizes at stake and bonus winnings such as comp or VIP points so this type of tournament can prove extremely popular. This type of competition requires you to have lots of patience because essentially you’re up against thousands of other players and not just the house, so wager wisely and build the profits to win the competition.

Craps players – Hit hard, go out to win and be in total control. Now you have learnt the method and systems.

There are characters in every type of casino game setting and craps is by no means any different. It can attract certain stereotypes as a direct result of the way it has been portrayed in popular culture in this modern day and age. Some are good for the game and others not so good for its reputation. Good or bad it’s the players of this particular game of chance that contribute to its legacy and will continue to do so as the game becomes even more popular.


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