Slot Machines

Slot Machines

Slot machines these days are wreaking havoc in casinos. Both appealing and addictive, they are full of secrets that many players try to decipher by studying their history and more recently the RNG technology that lies behind the reels in a vain attempt to beat them with a level of certainty.

It was a man by the name of Charles August Fey who was the inspiration behind the very first slot machine that featured reels. It was known in the nineteenth century as the "Liberty Bell". Fey, who early on discovered a passion for all things mechanical, moved to California in the United States of America and it was there he devised this revolutionary machine that went on to change the landscape of gambling and casinos in his time. Nevertheless, it was through the subsequent evolutions in design by developers since Fey that the style of slot machines and the introduction of special bonus systems we have since come to know and love were set in place.

Slot Machines

An overview of slot machines

Slot machines are a very popular game in both online and land based casinos. They generally aren’t that expensive to play on and typically come in 3 and 5 reel varieties. Pay lines are dependant mostly on the types of machine you play on and in general you should always look to bet the maximum amount of coins per round to maximise your profits, playing all available pay lines where possible. The online versions can be more generous than land based versions when it comes to paying out. Slot machines vary upon where you play but the most common types are the Basic, Multiplier, Multi-Line and the Progressive slot machines. The progressive slot machine proves to be very popular due to the huge jackpots that can be generated because you’re essentially playing in combination with several hundred people at any time, all contributing towards the available pot.

The use of strategies

When playing slot machines it is always a good idea to have some form of plan or strategy in place to improve your chances of winning. The result of each spin is determined by a computer algorithm, the odds are the same for every spin and pay out rates can be set by the casino so it’s a good idea to try to make some quick calculations before playing. Keep in mind your chance to win are very similar to those found at the roulette table. Some basic tips would be to regulate your use of coins to minimise loss, keep an eye on how much time you are spending at any given machine and to always play the maximum amount of coins when playing a progressive jackpot as this ensures eligibility for the big prize.

Slot machine tournaments

Tournaments are always fun and in slot machine tournaments you can face thousands of opponents all looking to rank in the top 10 positions of the tournament leaderboard. Ranking among the top 10 ensures you win a percentage of the prize pool and it’s possible to enter the tournament at any time you like. Always set yourself a target because you only get one chance in these types of tournaments, and once you’re out, keeping an eye on the leaderboard at all times during the event is a good idea because it allows you to capitalize on any unexpected changes to the rankings.

Progressive Jackpots

Slots that host progressive jackpots are generally the most popular and can come in two forms, large and small. Large versions can reach enormous sums of money but are generally harder to win whereas small versions, although not quite as large, can be an easier win for players. The idea behind such jackpots is that a percentage of every player’s winnings get put into a common prize pool with one lucky person having the ability to scoop all these winnings for himself. With the advent of the progressive jackpot, some operators saw a great opportunity and began offering jackpots that are linked across a huge network. These jackpots can be won across collections of machines hosted in the same country or by playing in the same casino chain regardless of territory.

Types of slot machine players

Like any casino game that has progressed through an evolution throughout the years, there is always a certain type of player associated with the game type directly. Slot machines are no different in this respect and player types can range from night owls who favour only night time play, to the erratic who are often gambling addicts, instinctive players who calmly place bets on feel alone and the methodical kind of player that makes careful calculations based on a number of variables.

What it takes to be a winner at slots

There are lots of strategy guides available that make bold claims when it comes to winning at slot machines. If we examine the actual statistics behind winning we can see that almost 98% of players lose at slot machines with 80% of those losses due to the fact that they had no strategy in place at the time to minimise their losses. The 2% that win actually do so because they employ some form of game plan. The difference between winning and losing has more to do with the actions carried out by players during a game than the ability to follow a direct strategy of trying to set up the reels for example, the strategy that needs to be employed to win has more to do with human behaviour than anything else.

Online Slot Machine Reviews

On our website you will find a wide variety of online slot machines for you to enjoy for free. As you’ll probably notice, these online slots are exactly the same high quality brands and games as you would find in an online casino, limited to free play mode only. As part of our quality process when looking at reputable software providers we review all the games that are offered in their available portfolios. We have a host of online slot reviews for you to enjoy before testing them out for yourself, perhaps even going on to play them for real at one of our trusted online partner casinos.

Available Bonuses

The standard way to win on a slot machine is by forming combinations on the reels that you see on screen. Another way of winning the jackpot when playing on slot machines is by triggering bonuses on the machine you are playing. These bonuses fall into 2 categories, namely ‘free spin bonuses’ which as the name suggests, grant you extra spins at no charge and then a ‘bonus game’ which is usually machine specific and appears in the form of a themed mini game. During the latter you generally hunt for bonus icons or objects with the possibility that you also lose your money if you uncover a ‘trap’ object. Less commonly there are also multi-level bonuses that work by the player passing through levels and earning free credits.