Blueprint Gaming Slot Games

Blueprint Gaming Slot Games

We guess the best place to start and the easiest is to reel off the names of the titles and then tell you a bit about them after, so here it goes; Deal or No Deal, Top Cat, The Pig Wizard, Winstar, Fortune of Sparta, Slots ‘o’ Gold and the brilliant Genie Jackpots. See, that 5 euro bet wasn’t so foolish now was it. Still not convinced, okay how about Austin Powers, The Naked Gun, Luck of the Irish and Ted? The list goes on and on and on and…

They make great games which is what we are basically getting at and it’s unsurprising really, the titles of the licensing brands alone are proof of their credibility and reputation. Their talents also delve into bespoke gaming requests from casinos directly, so they can launch exclusive only games for their site alone, so even these titles will not be found within their general release library.

Blueprint Gaming Slot Games – Features

The word JACKPOT looms large in the air when it comes to Blueprint giving gamers what they want from their slot games. 3 million was recently won on their Pig Wizard game and many more jackpots are still yet to be gobbled up from the list of progressive jackpots. Genie Jackpots is one of the most popular games by Blueprint when it comes to the insanely mega prize givers, where you can win up to 500,000 in cash.

The game comes with many gaming features 5 in total offering a mix of wilds, re-spins, free spins, multipliers. It’s a big game and can be seen as a benchmark of entertainment when so many other game makers fall way wide of the mark. It’s this entertainment factor which bleeds through all of their games. The recent Naked Gun slot offers up actual video playback from the film itself, which just oozes class and genius. Austin Powers comes with 7 different bonus features and film animation. These are not small, basic, 10-minute slot spinners, these games command hours of your time.

It’s rare to say this of a games’ developer and it may sound odd, but with Blueprint Gaming, you feel that they are really making the games for themselves because they boast passion and a diversity of fun. The flip side of this is found within other providers that just seem to make game after game just for the sake of it.