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VIP programs are an integral part of any online casino. It’s an exclusive club so to speak, designed to reward an ‘elite’ group of clients. These include the best players and also players that spend the most amounts of money at a particular online establishment. Casinos will go above and beyond to retain these types of players as clients and for good reason. The majority of players that obtain VIP status are sometimes referred to as ‘high rollers’. These are players who deposit huge sums of cash and also make huge wagers at most games they play. VIP status is also granted to groups of clients that include well known celebrities and professional gamblers.

The criteria to become part of the VIP program differ at each online establishment. It includes being recognised by a particular online casino for size and frequency of deposits, number of referrals and even frequency of online tournament wins. There are special VIP managers who regularly review online accounts to see if they are eligible for VIP status and will contact you to offer entry into the program where you will receive special perks depending on the level you acquire.

VIP Rewards

As a VIP you are eligible for a number of rewards based on your status and VIP level. These rewards include dedicated customer service agents, personalised free gifts like champagne or premium electrical goods, exclusive VIP bonuses and even free vacations. The majority of online casinos operate a three tiered VIP system, Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, and this allows the online casino to personalise the VIP reward system according to the level attained.

The table below contains an example of the tiered setup and some of the most common VIP program rewards associated with each level:

VIP LevelVIP Benefits
Bronze (Tier 3)The entry level of a VIP program. At this level you receive a dedicated customer service agent, entry to exclusive events, free gifts, higher bonus rates and weekly free spins.
Silver (Tier 2)The middle tier of a VIP program. At this level you can enjoy a dedicated customer service agent, entry to exclusive events, free gifts, higher bonus rates, weekly free spins, higher deposit limits and a slightly improved withdrawal limit.
Gold (Tier 1)The top tier of a VIP program. At this level you receive a Personal Account Manager, entry to ‘Tier 1 only’ exclusive events, luxury personalised gifts, exclusive high roller bonus rates, weekly free spins, access to exclusive content, higher deposit and withdrawal limits, loyalty points that convert into cash and even customized vacation packages.

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