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Advice to Help you Win at an Online Casino

When we receive emails from our readers, we find the same question popping up time and time again. Almost daily we’re asked ‘How do I win at the online casino?’ and you can believe us when we say if there was some sort of miracle method we’d be the first to tell you.

In our articles we include a strategy section for all our games. It’s important you make as much use of them as possible when you’re first starting out playing any new game. They are constantly updated so make sure to check back from time to time and brush up on any new information or strategies. The strategies and techniques we offer can be highly rewarding when executed correctly, and we have received a lot of positive feedback from players who have used them and gone on to win.

With all that said there is one last HUGE piece of advice we want to give you before you head off to play online, so HUGE it had to have its own dedicated article and that is how to manage your bets.

Managing your bets

Irrespective of the game that you’re playing, when you’re playing for real at an online casino you deposit a certain amount of money which becomes your bankroll. Your objective is to use this bankroll to win as much money as possible and to keep loses to a bare minimum. While it’s certainly true that luck and chance play a huge role when it comes to winning large amounts of money, efficient and correct management of your bets and your bankroll will be a key factor in helping you make money. Next we will explain this technique in a little more detail.

The technique explained

The first thing to do is to think about your playing habits. In order for this to work you must have precise information about the following: how many times you play per month, the duration of each session and the budget you usually allow yourself.

As an example let’s say you play twice a week and each session lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes, playing mostly slots on a budget of $300 per month. Our technique consists of calculating the average bet you can make in order to arrive at $0 by the end of the month. You can use the following example to calculate your own figures:

4 Weeks x (2 sessions of 1h30m) = 12 hours of game time per month

So per hour that’s: $300/12 hours = $25 per hour

And per minute it’s: $25/60 minutes = $0.40 per minute

You place one bet every 20 seconds so: $0.40/3 = $0.13 per bet

Our calculations based upon this data suggest therefore that if you play $0.13 per bet, by the end of a normal month and without winning anything you would use your $300 in full and arrive at $0.

Taking winnings into account

This model shows you how much to place on each bet in order to end up at $0 by the end of a month. We say this without taking into consideration that during this game time statistically you will win at various points, and more than likely some of the bets you place will earn you a lot of money. Therefore it will be thanks to these winning bets that you will end up in the positive every month, whilst at the same time experiencing some pleasant surprises and enjoying your game time thoroughly.

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