Baccarat Table – A Look at the Casino Game’s Layout

Baccarat Table

The next stop in our online baccarat guide is a look at the layout of the baccarat table both featuring the online and land-based models. This is in place to prepare you in case you find yourself sat at one, be it a live dealer game or what have you, so you know what to expect.

Introducing the game of Baccarat

Baccarat is one of several games played with cards in the casino. The game took a while to become as popular as it is now and could still be classed as a niche option for players, given the most popular ones remain to be blackjack and poker. It remains a niche because it is a table game that mainly attracts high rollers.

The gaming format is fairly simple. The player takes on the banker to reach a total of 9 from their two or three-card hand. The bet is one if you either bet on yourself, the bank or a tie to win. What players new to this game will find is that the table layout of this game is just as simple.

The Baccarat Tables

You will find that in the industry that supports this game, that there are, in fact, three table choices. You will find the dealer playing behind a typical full sizes baccarat table, the mini-baccarat table and the midi baccarat table. Though similar to each other, there are differences to each of these tables to place your bets and chips on.

If you play online, you will experience each one of these when betting between the live dealer games and those classed as virtual slots.

The rules of play associated with each table only vary in the total that can be wagered, other than that, each table holds a shoe from where the cards are dealt, the house edge remains the same over each layout.

The Big Table

Most casinos cater for players with this full-sized table option, which as a matter of fact are located in separate areas of the casino should you play in a land-based site. This is to separate the high roller players from the other games inside the casinos.

To get a piece of the action, these tables hold limits to what you can bet and be prepared to bet big, as the limits range from $50 up to $100,000, sometimes more. You can see why the casinos would want to separate the table to isolate the potential to gain huge wins off those taking part.

The table itself is oval in shape, the lettering is a stark yellow to contrast the lush green felt. There are numbers on the layout to indicate the player and their bets. On some tables the set of numbers aren’t exact, the removal of the number 4 is common in oriental cultures because it is considered to be bad luck. The larger tables can accommodate three separate betting areas and each hosted by a dealer that is positioned in the center.

As each side of the table is an area of play, the dealer handles the chips and controls the winning payouts.

Note: at the end of each shoe change, a 5% commission is to be paid to the house. The third dealer of this set up is usually named the caller, who will control the players to make the games run smoothly, making sure wagers are placed calling for bank or player cards and announcing wins.

Tables of this size won’t be found in any online platform

The popular Mini Baccarat table

The mini-baccarat games are now the more recognized table variants. With simple player rules and more reasonable betting limits that don’t exclude a mass selection of players that would otherwise not be able to play the high roller tables.

Playing Mini Baccarat

This casino option comes with limits in the region of $5 to $25 to bet on the cards.

The game itself is played on a table that is half the size of the big table and can fit the needs of up to 7 baccarat players. The caller/banker is positioned centrally with the rack of chips and the shoe from where the cards are dealt. Playing is no different other than the wagering limits. The table is shaped like a semi-circle and marked on the layout is ‘player’ and ‘banker’.

In the game of mini-baccarat, there are three areas to place your bets, you have the section for tie bets. The bank betting section and the player bets.

This form of the table is commonly seen online where you are able to experience multi-player baccarat games.

Online Baccarat

Though not as popular as poker or blackjack, casinos online still house a mix of variant baccarat options to cater to their members.

The card game is a simple option to bet on, with your hand, you will either bet on the dealer to win the round, if the game will tie with matching hands or if you will win. Playing online gives you much more diversity to what a land-based casino can offer.

You will see just from our selection of free demo games, just how varied the virtual machines can be. Using these demo games can be the perfect strategy tool in order to learn more about the game’s rules and the different tables wagering system.

Another bonus of the online play is that you can acquire free chips to place your bets with Casino Bonuses. These can help you win real money for free. There are many offers found online that can give you up to three times more money to bet with. there are also free spins for the virtual machines.

Betting against the house in live mode is the more popular option.

Experiencing Baccarat online

Baccarat is a game that is opened to a player of any skill level. It may be a niche game in the casino which comes with an air of elitism, but this is all smoke and mirrors, there is no special technique in playing these cards. The banker has an edge of only 1.24% if betting on yourself to win. It is one of the better games to play like poker and blackjack and slowly players are seeing the potential of this card game.


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