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Baccarat: Player profiles

Baccarat is very popular among casino players and has a long history as a favorite game both in and out of the casino. While some gamblers prefer to sit in front of slot screens or on a roulette table sipping a dry martini or neat whiskey, baccarat players too have their own little habits and rituals. Very surprisingly, there are several profiles of player when it comes to baccarat, all with a unique behavior and style. In this article we will discuss the types of player you might find playing baccarat at the casino.

The serene player

Some fictional characters in popular literature such as James Bond are often associated with baccarat. These characters are often portrayed as the hero, being both polite and respectable individuals. The serene player for example matches precisely the same criteria. This is a regular baccarat player, someone who has the ability to exude complete composure themselves despite the circumstances. The serene player also makes a great bluffer at poker, simply because they are naturally impassive and it is difficult to read their emotional state. This type of player usually has very good game plan which includes building a psychological edge over their opponents.

The mathematician

The "mathematician" is not necessarily a professional at mathematics i.e. they do not have to be a person that works as a math teacher or accountant for example. They are simply the type of player who tends to be deeply logical and also have an excellent memory. They know the statistics, probabilities and profit margins applicable at any given time and the essence of their strategy is to count the cards that are being played and memorize them. The mathematician is a counting machine or a human calculator. By definition they carry some of the same traits as the serene player but with a far deeper grasp on the mechanics behind the game.

The defensive player

The defensive player is a gambler that plays a purely defensive style which enables efficient management their bankroll in the long term. This is a patient player and also a hard worker, earning regular small wins. The perfect accountant, generally they are very conservative and will not take huge risks because they are weary of losing any profits they have accumulated overtime. We can compare them directly to an Ant in the sense they work hard, storing little by little until they have amassed a great amount.

The professional gambler

Pretentious, arrogant and disconcerting, last but not least we have the fearless gambler. This is an experienced player and is feared because they live up to a certain stereotype as well as having the ability to play super aggressively, striking fear into the hearts of their opponents around the table. If the gambler is also a perfect actor then they are able to win a lot of money in a few shots because of their ability to seize the right opportunities and fake their way through the worst of draws. This type of player are both feared and revered due to their ability to play up to the gallery as well as being able to crush opponents in the space of a single hand.

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