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Baccarat Rules - How to Play and Win at Baccarat (Easy Guide)

Baccarat Rules

If you are after a casino table game that is easy to learn but very exciting, then Baccarat is the game that you are after. When you are playing a baccarat game, there are three outcomes that are possible - a Banker win, a Player win or a tie. As with the majority of card games, the baccarat casino game is a game chance and there is not a lot you can do to ensure that you win. However, if you understand the baccarat rules and the baccarat odds, then you can increase your chances of winning. Below you will find all you need to know to learn how to play baccarat like a pro.

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Understanding the Numbers in Baccarat

The first thing that you need to understand about the baccarat card game are the numbers. For example, you will be happy to hear that the house edge at a baccarat table is extremely player-friendly. In fact, the baccarat house edge is the lowest out of all table games. If you bet on the Banker to win, the house edge stands at just 1.4%. Below you will find some other numerical facts about baccarat games online.

Players and Bankers Bet Odds

When you play baccarat, the chances of the Player's hand being the winner are a tiny bit lower than the chances of the Banker's hand being a loser. The Player's hand will be victorious 44.62% of the time, while the Banker's hand will end up losing 45.85% of the time.

Tie Bet Odds and Payout

Ties are extremely uncommon, but they do happen when you are baccarat gambling. The percentage rate of a tie happening stands at 9.53%. If you bet on a tie and you go on to win, you will receive an 8:1 payout. However, it goes without saying that the house holds the edge here. If you take the tie option out of consideration, then then the Banker's hand will be victorious 51% of the time. This 1% might seem marginal, but it is still better than the odds that you will get when flipping a coin. When you are playing baccarat online or at a land-based casino and you unsure what to place your money on, you should bet on the Banker.

Baccarat Card Values

Learning the card values of baccarat is too easy. We broke down the values for you in the table below.

King, Queen, Jack and 100 Points
Ace1 Point
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9Face Value

The Baccarat Bet and Play

Here you will find out more about baccarat game rules. When a game of baccarat starts, only two hands are dealt, no matter how many people are sitting at the table. One of these hands is called the Player's hand and the other hand is called the Banker's hand. Every player at the table has to decide which hand will be the better hand. A shoe is passed around the table and if you are in possession of the shoe, then you must bet on the banker or give the shoe to the next person. When you are playing this game, it is important that you do not think of the Player's hand as the bettor's hand or the Banker's hand as the casino's hand.

So, once all the bets have been placed, how is it decided who the winner is? Well, the aim of this game is to get as close to the value of 9. What are the value of (baccarat cards)? Well, the 10, Jack, Queen and King cards are worth 0 points, the Ace is worth 1 point, while all of the other cards worth what is written on them. If a hand has a total that is higher than 10, the second number is what the hand is valued at. What do we mean by this? Well, if the hand has a 9 and a 7, which makes 16, the hand will be valued at 6 points.

A third card can be dealt, but this depends on the original total of the two cards. The Player's hand is looked at first. If it equals 8 or 9, it is known as a "Natural" and the Player is given no third card. As a matter of fact, unless the Banker's hand is a Natural too, no additional cards are given, and the Naturals are winners.

The Player will also stand if the hand totals 6 or 7. If the Player has 0-5, they will be given a third card unless the Banker's hand is a Natural (the Banker wins in this scenario). When it comes to the rules for the Banker, they are a bit more complicated. For instance, the Banker has to stand on 7, 8, or 9, and will receive a third card on 0, 1, or 2. However, for any other value of hand, whether the Banker receives another card is totally dependent on the Player's third card. For instance, if the Banker's first two cards equals 3, then he will receive a third card unless the Player gets an 8 as their third card.

The table below is perfect when it comes to explaining when the Banker and the Player have to stand or take a hit. Analyze the table below and you will know how to play baccarat and win.

baccarat hit and stand table

In Depth Analysis of Banker Vs. Player Bets

When betting on the Player or the Banker in baccarat there are some advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages of placing a bet on the Banker is that the Banker's hand has slightly higher chances of winning. This may be confusing at first since the cards are randomly dealt, but it is because of the third card rules that we have just mentioned above.

The third card rules can be quite complicated, but there is a reason for them that can be explained using the casino software. The rules regarding the Banker are not the same as the rules regarding the Play. The rules for the Banker factor in the Banker's original cards, whether the Player has been given a third card, and what the value of that third card is. This is why the Banker has a tiny statistical advantage over the Player.

However, there are some advantages to placing a bet on the Player. The main advantage is that if you go on to win, you get to keep all the money that you win. In you wager $10 on the Player and you are victorious, then you will get your wager back plus another $10. However, in most cases when you are (playing baccarat online), if you place you bet on the Banker and win, you will have to pay the casino a 5% commission.

So, who should you bet on? Well, ultimately, the decision is up to you. You can bet on the Banker and win a little bit less, but have a better chance of winning, or you can bet on the Player and win more but have a slightly smaller chance of winning. Those baccarat players that like to read stats will probably prefer to place their wagers on the Banker to win.

The Tie Bet (A Bet Worth Avoiding)

When you are playing live baccarat online, there are also advantages and disadvantages of placing your money on a tie. The main advantage is obviously the fact that you can get a much bigger payout. When you play baccarat online, you will find that the payout is usually 8:1. So, if you were to place $10 on this outcome, you would receive your $10 back as well as an additional $80. However, the huge disadvantage with betting on a tie is that the statistics show that fewer than 10% of baccarat hands will end in a tie. This means that if you wager on a tie for 100 hands, you will only win ten of them. Sticking with our $10, this would mean that you would lose $900 and win $100, leaving you severely out of pocket. Therefore, as a general rule you really should avoid placing your money on the tie option. However, there is nothing wrong with trying your luck every now and then as there is a chance that Lady Luck is smiling on you - it is just a good idea not to make a habit of doing so as you will end up losing a lot of money, which is something that nobody wants.

Note: Baccarat falls under tables game revenue section of the "STATE OF NEVADA GAMING CONTROL BOARD" as can be found in the following pdf

4 Tips How to Play Baccarat and Win

You should now know the rules of baccarat and how to play, so we are going to 4 tips that you should always keep in mind when you are playing this card game. The first two we have already spoke about above, but they are important, so we felt like it was wise to speak about them a bit more here.

Bet on the Banker

The majority of baccarat strategies revolve around how you bet, with the strategies being either regressive or progressive and reliant on wins in order to work. This is why you should consider always betting on the banker to win. You will have to pay a commission, but it is the most likely outcome.

Never Bet on a Tie

Many people enjoy the tie option as it has an 8:1 payout, which is the highest that you will find in a game of baccarat. However, it has such high odds as the chances of it happening are pretty slim. If you are making use of a baccarat strategy, then we guess you want wins and not only excitement. Therefore, it is best to avoid this type of wager.

Manage your Bankroll Wisely

This tip right here will be of more use to you than any other tip. When you are playing any type of game at a casino, it is important that you set yourself an amount of money that you can afford to lose. You should also set yourself a winning target as well for it you go on a lovely winning streak. Once you have lost all of the money that you have set aside, do not try to regain any of your losses as this is a recipe for disaster. On the other hand, if you are getting lucky and have hit your winning target you should stop as luck does not last forever. If you continue playing, you could see yourself lose everything that you have just won. You need to be able to control your emotions when you are playing this game, or any other casino game.

Play Online Baccarat for Free

Free baccarat is useful as it will help you take your game to the very next level. There are many different baccarat strategies out there and they can be a bit confusing to get to grips with. So, instead of learning them while spending your own money, you should play baccarat for free until you feel like you have mastered the strategy. After you have done this, you can start playing for real money. Where can you play for free? Well, we have a number of Free Baccarat Games on our site that you can play without having to download anything or go through a signing up process.

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Playing Online Baccarat Vs. Land Based Casino

Whether you enjoy playing at a casino or prefer playing from the comfort of your own home, there is one thing that we are sure that we can all agree on and that is it an exciting game wherever you are playing it. The rules are the same no matter where you happen to be playing. However, if you are playing online baccarat, the numbers of cards in the baccarat shoes are unlimited, but this does not make playing the game any more difficult. The great thing about playing online is that you can play for free as the majority of online casinos that offer baccarat will allow their players to practice for free. This is something that you will obviously not get at a land-based casino as they cannot let people take up limited seats to play for free. On this site of ours, we have provided you with a list of great online casinos where you will be able to play baccarat for free and for real money as well as the hottest baccarat game variant Mini Baccarat.

Why Play Baccarat Online?

When you take part in a (baccarat game online) you do not have to worry about what you are wearing and how you are coming across to your fellow players. You can be sitting there on your sofa in your pyjamas, nobody will suspect a thing. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the best online casino for you as there are so many that you can choose from, but we take this difficulty away from you as we have provided you with a Top 10 list that you would be pretty foolish not to take a look at. If you register with an online casino from this list, then we guarantee that you will have a great gambling experience. If you are a mobile gambler, then you will be glad to hear that all of the casinos that we recommend are completely mobile compatible, meaning you will be able to indulge in some baccarat wherever you happen to be.

Baccarat FAQs

Below you can find some important questions that are asked when it comes to playing Baccarat.

❓ Should You Always Bet Banker in Baccarat?

When you are playing baccarat, it is completely up to you as to what you bet on. However, if you want the best chance of winning, then you should place your money on the Banker’s Hand. If you ask anyone for baccarat tips, they will more than likely always tell you to place wager on the Banker.

❓ What is the Best Bet in Baccarat?

Well, there is no best bet in baccarat, you just simply put your money on whatever you feel like. However, some will tell you that the Banker is the Best Bet as it has a 1% higher chance of winning than the Player’s hand.

❓ Can Baccarat be Beaten?

This question makes it seem like the game is rigged, but we can assure you that it is completely fair and that you can win money while playing it. If Lady Luck is on your side, then you could end up going on a Nice Winning Streak that sees you fill your pockets.

❓ Does the Casino Cheat in Baccarat?

All casino games are regulated so that they are fair to those who play them. Baccarat is no exception to this rule, so you can be certain that the casino does not cheat in baccarat.

❓ Is there a Strategy to Baccarat?

Yes, there are a number of Different Strategies that you can use when playing baccarat. Before trying all strategies that you would like to use, we highly recommend that you test it out for free before you start spending your own hard-earned money.

❓ What is a Natural in Baccarat?

In baccarat, a Natural occurs if the Banker’s or Player’s first two cards total up to 8 or 9. If the Player has a Natural, then no third card is given out and if the Banker's hand is not Natural, no other cards are given and those who bet on the Player will win their wager.

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