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Baccarat Strategy - A Comprehensive Strategy to Play Baccarat Games Like a Pro

The first thing that you need to remember about Baccarat is that it is a game of luck, not skill. After you have made your decision as to whether you will place your bet on Player, Banker, or a tie, the rest of the baccarat game is out of your hands. Unlike with other casino games such as Blackjack, you cannot make choices that affect whether you are going to win or not. Everyone at the table simply picks a side and hopes for the best. However, there are some baccarat strategies that players believe improve your chances of winning baccarat.

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How to Play Baccarat - Quick Recap from Our Rules Page

The Game of Baccarat is played at large tables that are able to seat 12 players, 2 dealers, and a caller. Every player has three fields in front of them, which are clearly labelled "Player", "Banker", and "Tie". Before the dealer deals any cards, every player that is sitting at the table has to decide on which field they are going to place their money in. If you are playing at American casinos, then you might find that the game is called "Punto Banco", which means Player and Banker.

After everyone at the table has placed their bets, the dealer will give the Banker and the Player 2 cards each. The winning hand is the one that is closest to 9. Therefore, if the Player's hand equals 8 and the Banker's hand equals 3, the Player wins and anyone who placed their money in the Player field will win some money. If both the hands are of the same value, then only those who have placed their money on the tie option will win. Those players will often be paid at baccarat odds of 8:1.

Baccarat Bet Types and Odds - Just 3 Bet Types Which Are Easy to Master

The first step towards becoming more of a winner than a loser is to never bet on the Tie option. We do not have anything against this type of bet, but if you are playing baccarat online to win money, then wagering on a type of bet that has 14% house edge is definitely not going to help you achieve your aim.

Once you have understood this, you need to understand the Baccarat Odds. This is a game that gives you the best chance of winning at casino. If you decide to place your money on the Banker, then you will have a 45.84% chance of being victorious. If you decide to wager on the Player, then you will have a 44.62% chance of winning. Meanwhile, if you ignore our advice and go for the Tie option, you will have just a 9.54% chance of winning some money.

N.B. Remember that if you bet on the Banker to win and you are correct, you will have to pay the casino a commission, which usually stands around 5%.

Baccarat Bet TypeBaccarat Odds

The Banker Bet

When coming up with a baccarat win strategy, always betting on the Banker seems like the most obvious choice due to its higher chances of winning. Experts will often tell you to bet on this option as it should win more than half of the time, which is why there is a commission attached to it. Despite the commission, it remains a popular choice for players - for new players as well as seasoned pros who swear it is the best strategy. Experts will tell you that you should keep placing your money on the Banker option until it loses. When it loses, place your money on the Player for a round or two before switching back to the Banker.

Something that you should always keep in mind when playing online baccarat is that the game does not care who won the previous round. Therefore, if you bet on the Banker and it goes on to win, you should not then switch your bet to the Player. If you play like this, then you stand a very good chance of losing quite a bit of money. There is no mathematical evidence that suggests that in a game where you should bet on two options that each option will appear the same amount of times. If you play ten games of baccarat, you should not expect to see the Banker and the Player win almost equally.

The Player Bet

Although many people say that betting on the Banker is the best option, it is a bit different if you are using a baccarat betting strategy. If you are using a baccarat strategy that is progressive, then it will be less lucrative to bet on the Banker due to the commission that has to be paid if you are victorious. Let us say that you are making use of the Martingale strategy, which means that you will be doubling your wager every single time you lose.

If you lose four times in a row while staking $10, you will have lost $150. You place your next wager ($160) on the Banker, but this time you get lucky and win. You will receive a payout of $304 - that is your $160 wager plus your $160 winnings, minus the commission fee. The total amount that you wagered here was $310, which means that even though you just won a big sum of money, you have still ended up with a $6 loss. If you had the same streak as above but you bet on the Player instead, you would have ended up with a $10 profit. Therefore, when using progressive betting strategies, it is always wise to back the Player.

The Tie Bet

Baccarat is known as having the best casino game odds, but the Tie option can ruin this reputation. The house edge for the banker stands at 1.06%, while the house edge for the Player stands at 1.26%. Then, when you move to the Tie bet, the house edge stands at a huge 14.4%. Naturally, it is never a good idea to put any of your money on a betting option that will only pay out 14 units for every 100 units that you wager.

This is why you really should just pretend that the tie option does not exist. We mean, if you are feeling a bit risky then bet on it once in a Blue Moon, but certainly do not make a habit out of betting on this option as you will be just setting yourself up for a big financial fall. You gamble to try and win money, not to throw it away. If you make betting on the Tie option a habit, then you might as well walk out on to the street and hand your wallet over to the first person that you come across.

Note: Even seasond casino experts at confirm our theory about the Tie Bet and I'll quote them "Finally there’s the Tie bet which at best gives the house almost a 5% edge (Pay 8:1) and at worst 14+% (Pay 9:1). Forget the Tie bet for obvious reasons."

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Baccarat Card Counting - The Easy Way

Card counting is a popular strategy that is used in blackjack, but you can also card count when you are playing baccarat. Baccarat card counting supposedly helps you to better judge when you should place your wager on the player. However, we must stress here that card counting is only a winning baccarat system if you are playing a variation of the game that uses six or eight decks. Contrary to what some people like to say, you definitely do not have to be some type of mathematical genius in order to card count when playing baccarat. How do you do it? Well, we have explained the rules as simply as possible below:

Card ValuesCount Values
Ace, 2, and 3+1
5, 7 and 8-1
9, 10, Jack, Queen and King0

The higher your count is, the higher your chances of winning the Player bet will be. As soon as your count hits 16, you should place your money on the Player instead of the Banker. When the count is below 16, then you should keep placing your money on the Banker instead of the Player. When the shoe starts anew, then you will obviously have to start your counting all over again.

The theory behind this betting strategy is that the baccarat house edge is dependent upon the cards that remain in the shoe. When the shoe contains fewer 5s, 6s, and 8s, the player will have the edge. On the other hand, when there are fewer As, 2s, 3s, and 4s remaining in the shoe, the Banker will have the edge. By keeping a mental note of what cards remain in the shoe, you can make a more accurate decision as to whether the Player will win or whether the Banker will win.

Top 3 Baccarat Betting Systems

If you want to try a (casino strategy) to try and improve your chances of winning, then we would recommend that you take a look at the following three. They vary in levels of risk, so pick the one depending on what type of risk taker you are.

Low Risk Betting System - The 1-2-3-4 System

This is a betting strategy that works very well on bets which pretty much an even chance of coming out on top. This betting system is based on the highly popular 1-3-2-6 strategy, but it has been designed to decrease the winnings/losses variance by only wagering 4 units on the 4th bet. By doing this, you will make sure that you get some profit, even if your final bet goes on to lose. In the aforementioned 1-3-2-6 strategy, you could get a 6-unit profit if you win the first 3 bets that you place, and then take a gamble with your 4th and final bet. With the 1-3-2-4 strategy, you will be keeping back 2 units from the 6 that you have already won.

So, how does it work exactly? Well, we have outlined the steps below:

  • If your bet wins, you move to the next part of the sequence
  • If your bet loses, you return to the beginning
  • If you go on to win all 4 bets, you start again, but with a 10-unit profit

N.B. The great thing about this particular betting strategy is that if you win your first 2 bets, you will end up with a profit even if you lose the 3rd bet.

Medium Risk Betting System - The Flat Betting Strategy

This is the easiest baccarat winning strategy. So, what is it exactly? Well, flat betting is when you repeatedly place the same wager in successive rounds. In other words, with this type of winning baccarat system, you place the same bet regardless of whether you have just won or lost. This is considered to be an excellent strategy because you are not doubling your wager every single time that you lose like you would be if you decided to use the Martingale system. When you are using this strategy, you will never win a lot of money and, you will never lose a lot of money, which makes it great for those who are looking to learn the game. If you are flat betting when playing baccarat, you should always consider placing your money on the banker as the golden rule of this strategy is to determine which betting option has the better chance of winning.

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High Risk Betting System - The Grand Martingale System

This is like the Martingale system but on steroids. This strategy gives you the chance to make some huge profits, but with huge profits, comes huge risks. When using the normal Martingale, you double your wager after each loss, but with this one, you have to double your wager and then add 1 unit. Below we have provided you with an example so that you can understand it a bit better.

Let us say that our first wager is $20, and we go on to lose. The next bet that we will place will be $41. We have doubled our original wager and then added 1 unit. If we go on to lose again, the next bet that we will have to place will be $83. If we win, we start all over again and place a $20 wager.

The benefit of this type of strategy is that adding that 1 unit will give you a lot more profit if Lady Luck is on your side. However, if you are planning on using it, you will need to make sure that you have set aside quite a big budget.

N.B. If you decide to use any of the three above baccarat betting systems, then we highly recommend that you test them out for free first before you start using them while using your own money. How can you do that? Well, on our site you can find baccarat games that you can play for free which require no download and no registration. Furthermore, many online casinos nowadays will allow you to play their games for free.

Wise Bankroll Management

If you opt for progressive betting strategies, then a (baccarat tip) that you should always keep in mind is to manage your bankroll. Any strategy that requires you to double your wager is one that could put you into a pitfall that you will find it difficult to get out of. Therefore, the main rule when using any strategy though is to never spend more cash than you limited yourself to when you first started betting.

Baccarat, like many card games, is a game of luck, so you will never be able to truly predict whether you are going to have a winning streak or a losing streak. If you spend all of your budget, stop play right away no matter how tempted you are to carry on. If you keep on playing, you are just going to end up with a lot of egg on your face. If you find that you are going on a nice winning streak, put half of your winnings aside and only risk the other half. At least like this, if your luck runs out and you start to lose a lot, you will still walk away with some profit, which is always great.

If you do not make use of any of the other strategies that we have mentioned on this page, that is fine. However, we implore that you make use of this one as it will ensure that you have a much more pleasurable gambling experience.

Practice with Free Baccarat Games

Now that we have shared our expertise with you, we invite you to put this knowledge to test by practising playing Free Baccarat on our dedicated page: We have put together some of the best baccarat games including their variants which you can play instantly as you do not need to sign-up with any provider and neither download any apps besides, you won't be spending any of your money, therefore you can test out any strategy absolutely risk-free.

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