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Baccarat – The Many Variations of this Classic Casino Game

Despite what you may have heard, baccarat is in no way related to blackjack, those astute enough and have become connoisseurs of casino life will know this is an unfair label, as the two card games stand miles apart in their gameplay. You’ll come to see this when you take a seat at the table having read through our articles on the subject. Here we will now present to you the different variations of the baccarat game, so you can select which suits your personal style better.

Baccarat – We begin with a look at the variation known to those that are in the know, called Chemin de Fer.

For some this is the founder of the game that you could call ‘normal’ baccarat, aficionados would not scoff at you for alluding to the term so we are safe with that. Chemin de fer which in French beautifully translates as The Railroad, stretched out from the land France to the masses and became the preferred option of one Mr. James Bond. Where the game differs in that, rather than the ‘casino’ or dealer intervening, one of the players hosts the game and take on the role of the dealer. The added benefit is that the player has more time and control over their hand and their actions throughout the game.

The Punto Banco – As The Railroad makes its way from France to South America, baccarat took on a Latino twist.

This is the more popular version of the game and the one we would all refer to as ‘normal’ baccarat. As a player, all you will do is stake your bets, the rest is undertaken by the croupier, whom will deal the necessary card out from the shoe. As the action of this game is faster because of the minimal effort on your part, it makes for great entertainment as you’ll play game after game in quick succession.

Mini – We now come to the downscaled version of baccarat, known in Latino as Midi and Mini Punto.

The game is the same but scaled down to not only betting stakes to ease any burden on the bank balance, but also table size. A handy starting point if you’re a beginner looking to experience the game without the complete risk of losing your money in its entirety.

Banque – Last of the variations comes Baccarat Banque. A little change can make all the difference here.

Fairly similar to Chemin de Fer, the rules remain for basic gameplay, the only difference is that here the deal remains as the dealer throughout the entirety of the game. Popular because of the option to bet bigger.

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