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A few methods to help you win at baccarat

Baccarat on the whole can be misunderstood by beginners, they often think it’s really simple to play, which in truth it is at the start i.e. you can learn it very quickly, but in reality it’s a complex game that leaves little to chance. Learning and practicing baccarat requires a lot of time and investment. Earlier on in this section we taught you the basic strategy for baccarat, now we invite you to discover and learn a few methods that are designed to help you win.

Go where the house edge is lowest

In an online game of Baccarat the house edge is on average around 1.5%, a percentage that is still reasonably low. However like all games, one of the basic principles of playing is to make the maximum amount of profit while losing as little as you possibly can. To increase your chances of winning, you should switch between online casinos frequently in order to take advantage of the best house edge, in this way you will maximize your chances of winning and as a direct result increase your profits from the game at the same time.

Don’t bet on the draw too often

During a game of baccarat, there are three types of possible bets. The first one is on the player's hand, the second one is on the hand of the Bank and the last one is a bet on a draw between the player and the bank. The third type of bet looks extremely attractive at first glance, especially since it is associated with a payout of 8 to 1, which on the surface looks very enticing. However, in baccarat your best weapon is rational thought. Betting on a draw has a one in thirty chance to save you. What you must realize is it also offers the casino an advantage of 14.3% in addition to that. Therefore try as much as possible not to bet on a draw as the outcome.

Insist and bet on the hand of the Bank

With a ratio of 1 to 1, the bet which people tend not to focus on is a bet on the hand of the Bank. Nevertheless, we actively encourage you to take this option where necessary. Even if a bet on the hand of the Bank only accounts for around 5% of your winnings at the casino, this bet is likely to make you win more often than the other two in an online casino. The bet on the hand of the Bank offers a 44.64% chance of victory.

Set a budget from the start

Even before you start playing, you should set a financial goal and impose a limit on yourself. Define a goal that will net you some profits and don’t go overboard. In terms of investment, keeping yourself confined to a limited budget will keep you from depleting your bankroll and ultimately stop you from making irrational bets in the long run.

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