Launched by the company Neosurf Cards SAS, Neosurf is a prepaid card that may be purchased at any newsstand and enables its holder to make internet purchases easily, anonymously and above all securely. Modeled after other products of the same type such as Paysafecard, the Neosurf card has a set amount of credit, which is ideal if you want stay within your budget and control your finances.

Casinos accepting Neosurf

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How does Neosurf work?

The Neosurf card, then, is a prepaid card that you can purchase at a kiosk or newsstand. It permits purchases to be made on the web in an intuitive and confidential way. The Neosurf card comes in two varieties. Firstly there is the “Classic” Neosurf card, which is offered in amounts of €15, €30, €50 and €100. This card permits purchases to be made on partner sites of the Neosurf brand, particularly online casinos. Then there is the “Minor” Neosurf card, which can be used by those under 18, but the credit it holds cannot be used on adult sites having content that may offend the sensibilities of younger persons.

Recently, Neosurf also launched its product My Neosurf, which can be linked to a prepaid card. It’s essentially a virtual wallet that can be topped up by check, bank transfer, credit card or Neosurf. To make purchases on merchant websites or deposits on online casinos, it suffices to enter a personal code consisting of 10 digits. With each use of the My Neosurf wallet, the user accumulates points that are called “Neomiles”. These points can be traded in for rewards such as DVDs, HiFi systems, jewelry and gaming consoles.

Advantages and disadvantages of Neosurf

You will find that the Neosurf card is more advantageous than not. Firstly, no bank card number needs to be entered, merely the secret number used to make desired purchases. In terms of security, Neosurf products are fully operative: whether it’s the card or the virtual wallet, they both use a cryptographic system of data and SSL protocols, as well as IP address verification modules. Neosurf also enables you to manage your purchases: you can check your balance, make a report and transfer your credit; moreover, the Neosurf card is free of obligation! In terms of its advantages, you will also notice that with Neosurf you can enjoy some not insignificant little bonuses: logos, ringtones and free games for your mobile phone, the chance to develop digital photos online at competitive prices, to have meetings via chat, and many other rewards.

However, you will notice that the Neosurf card is not omnipresent, and many online casinos do not yet accept it. Furthermore, it is difficult to make a withdrawal from your real money account into your My Neosurf account.