UPayCard Casino - New Casino Banking option for Super-Fast Payments

UPayCard, eWallet, online payment solution, no matter how much it’s dressed up money is money and the new wave of banking online options provides businesses and individuals with another choice. Cryptocurrency is global and so is gambling, the two combine beautifully with prepaid cards such as UPayCard making users secure casino registrations thanks to the rise of bank wire transfer done away from your traditional land-based bank. Let's take a closer look at the functionality of this excellent payment method.

Casinos accepting UPayCard
  Casino Bonus Terms Software Play
$1500+ 100 Free Spins
4 $1200+888 Free Spins
5 $1250200 Free Spins
6 $2500+ 188 Free Spins
7 $1500+ 150 Free Spins
8 $2000+ 50 Free Spins
9 $2500+ 100 Free Spins
12 $5000
13 $500
14 $2250

Our UPayCard reviews all the details about this eWallet to help you join online casinos and start betting

The agreement with casinos to use the UPayCard service means more now hold the key to a variety of casinos in the industry, thanks to the friendly currency the result could be extreme as this answers thousands of solutions to want to be gamblers looking add to their own wallets. The current rise in success of UPayCard USA and UPayCard Australia is a promising sign for users.

So, You might be here because you have an odd fascination with banking information and captivated by new forms of banking options like UPayCard. Or you’re here to figure out how on earth you can get through to an online casino and play on the slots and casino games but don’t have the right payment card and see no way around it. Answer = UPayCard

If you have found your preferred casino and was lured in by the no deposit bonus, but fear you may not be able to transfer your winnings and funds because of your current banking set up, then fear not our friend, the good news is you are in the right place and your search is over. We will be guiding you through the option of using UPayCard and if you like the sound of it, you can sign up to a personal UPayCard .com account and you’ll be playing at casino sites and on mobile casino apps in no time. Now firstly, let us tell you a bit about their company and what else they provide to those that request their service.

UPayCard began trading in 2013 and is a provider of pre paid MasterCard’s for consumer and business. You can use the UPayCard bank wire service to pay for goods and services online and at physical points of sale. UPayCard holders can also enjoy ATM withdrawals from any ATM that accepts MasterCard worldwide in a number of different currencies.

Although not an actual credit card, UPayCard is a branded MasterCard and as such is regulated by the FCA. As a consumer you enjoy a certain amount of protection against fraud and also a decent level of financial anonymity online by using it.

UPayCard is accepted in well over 180 countries and also by more than 18 million companies so customers can pretty much use UPayCard for all transactions they need to make a deposit and withdrawal at an online UPayCard casino.

So, How does UPayCard work? Is UPayCard safe? We look at the details about UPayCard pre-paid MasterCard

Applying for Pre paid MasterCard’s is a different process from the credit card version in that you do not need a credit check to open an account. First of all, you need to register a free account via the UPayCard website. From there you will have access to an online account/e-wallet which you attach to your normal bank account. This allows you to top up the card with a balance which can then be used to purchase goods and services online, including deposits to online casinos. An online casino will state if they allow UPayCard specifically or most of the time if the casino have the MasterCard option then this will work just fine as well with your UPayCard details.

The card itself can be used in retail outlets, ATM’s and for online deposits and purchase transfers. You use UPayCard in the same way as any bank card and UPayCard has the same features as a regular credit card; Card number, expiry date, CVV code, signature strip etc. UPayCard allows you to check your account via its own internet banking service. You can log into your account via a web browser or smartphone app and make deposits and withdrawals, check your balance and also check your latest transaction statements.

The Pros and Cons – Looking at UPayCard fees and the perks that will help you register with UPayCard casinos

The UPayCard MasterCard brand is accepted worldwideSome charges will apply to different types of transactions
UPayCard has the highest levels of online security and fraud protection
UPayCard is the fastest way to make withdrawals from an online casino

Should you choose this method of banking transaction you’ll experience the fast cash payments from casinos when it’s time to transfer funds into our account. The UPayCard accounts team are available 24/7 with professional service. UPayCard reviews gave this company a high rating, making this virtual banking process a reputable and well established business amongst all the other methods available. There are no hidden fees to address and more details are provided from their website. Should you wish to give it a once over you'll enjoy instant payouts like many other users that have UPayCard.


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