Visa Electron Casino

Visa Electron, a type of branded debit card that is still available across large parts of the world was introduced in 1985 by Visa and acts as a simpler version of the Visa debit card. The main difference between it and the Visa debit is that the Electron card requires the funds to be present to complete a transaction. Accounts that are attached to a Visa Electron card do not have formal overdraft facilities and it is usually issued on entry level bank accounts. In addition to being able to pay for a variety of goods and services both physically and online, the Visa Electron card allows you to withdraw funds from ATM’s that carry the Electron logo.

As of 2009 most banks stopped issuing Visa Electron for regular bank accounts and have switched to a normal Visa debit card albeit with limited functionality. It is very popular still among students and young people and these types of student and young person accounts still issue an Electron card. It’s still accepted at some online casinos as a method of depositing funds into your players account.

Casinos accepting Visa Electron
  Casino Country Bonus Terms Software Play
$2500+ 100 Free Spins
$8888+ Free 350 Free Spins
4 $2250

How does Visa Electron work?

The major difference between a Visa debit and Visa Electron is that the Electron card requires you to have funds available in your account before making any kind of transaction. The Electron card is typically associated with accounts that have no formal overdraft facility. For all other intended purposes this type of card is exactly the same as any other debit card, its equivalent being MasterCard’s Maestro card.

For physical purchases you pay using a chip and pin machine. You insert the card into the reader and enter your PIN directly at the point of sale via the chip and pin machine. For online payments, you simply enter your card details in the same way you would with any regular debit or credit card including the 3 digit security code on the back of the card. There is no ‘Verified by Visa’ facility with Electron cards and the cards themselves usually have a lower daily spend amount and a lower withdrawal limit than a regular Visa debit.

Visa electron: The pros and cons

  • You can only spend funds that are available to you at the time
  • Can be used domestically and internationally
  • Perfect for students and young people in general
  • You’re not able to use it everywhere unlike the traditional Visa debit
  • There is no overdraft facility available with this card
  • Is lowly being phased out and is not available at all online casinos

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