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30 Ball Bingo

30 ball bingo is more commonly known in English speaking countries as ‘Speed Bingo’. It’s a multiplayer game and its main characteristics are that the game is very fast and in this variant of the game you can expect a lot more tension, drama and a greater number of winners. It’s one of the newer variants of the game of bingo designed and offered by online casinos and is played using a bingo card with nine squares (3x3), each of which contain a random number from 1-30.

The rules of 30 ball bingo

Due to the high speed play found in 30 ball bingo, the probability of winning the jackpot is much higher than in the other variants. In order to win you must mark off all nine numbers that appear on your bingo card. In the more ‘traditional’ version of 30 ball bingo there are no lines or other forms of winning combinations, the only way to win is by getting a ‘full house’ before the rest of your opponents.

In some off-shoots of the 30 ball variant they have included 2 extra winning combinations as a way of making the game more interesting. In some versions you are afforded the opportunity to complete ‘1 line’ or ‘2 lines’. These both involve you marking off the numbers running horizontally (never vertically) of each respective line. If you manage to achieve either of these 2 extra combos then you are awarded a prize that scales in respect of which you manage to complete. If more than one player manages to fill their card and get a full house then the main prize is shared between however many people win at that particular time. The same rule applies for the variants that include the line combinations also.

Online gameplay

With the advent of online gaming, bingo and speed bingo in particular has risen sharply in popularity. Online casino operators launch new versions, some with differing features to the traditional style, to make the game more appealing. Once the game begins you cannot purchase any more virtual cards. The draw begins and one of 30 numbered bingo balls is drawn at random. As each number is called in turn, they are automatically marked off on your bingo card. In this way you never miss any numbers on your card and if you win, the game will automatically claim your prize even if by this point you’ve lost your internet connection or logged off from the site entirely.

Game notes:

  • 30 ball bingo is the fastest version of all current available bingo variations
  • You have a greater chance to win in 30 ball bingo
  • There’s the opportunity to play more rounds because of the speed of the game
  • The only drawback is the traditional version where only the full house is available
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