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90-Ball Bingo

Sometimes called ‘British bingo’, another popular variant of the game of bingo is the 90 ball version. Apart from the fact there is more balls in this version, the rules are similar to the rest of the bingo variants that we have already covered. It’s played using a card with 27 squares (9x3) with each row usually contains 5 numbers at random from 1-90 to make 15 in total. The rest of the boxes are made up of blank spaces as featured in other variants of bingo.

The rules of 90 ball bingo

The aim in 90 ball bingo is to complete one or all of 3 possible patterns. These patterns are ‘1 line’, ‘2 lines’ and/or a Full House. In 90 ball bingo there can only be 3 winners per round. It works similarly to 75 ball bingo in that the lines can only be horizontal. If 2 players hit the same line for example, then the prize will be split among them equally.

Cards can be bought in strips for 90 ball bingo. A strip is six cards sold consecutively. Each ‘strip’ contains all 90 numbers spread out evenly throughout all the cards. It is very rare to find sub variants of this game although they do exist. This variant we are covering here is played in many English speaking countries and has retained its classic format despite having been adopted by so many different nationalities.

Online gameplay

Just as in 75 ball bingo, numbers are generated by RNGs (random number generators). This ensures fair dispersal of all numbers. You start the game by purchasing your cards and after the game actually starts, i.e. the first number is drawn; you are not permitted to buy any additional cards. The draw begins at this point and 1 of 90 numbered balls will be called out. As numbers are called they will be automatically marked off of your game card. This is to protect against disconnects or in the event that you log out during your game. This means that should any of those two happen while you’re playing, the game still continues for you until your return. You will never miss a payout and can still claim your prize because of this great automatic feature.

Game notes:

  • 90 ball bingo follows much the same rules as all other standard variants.
  • There are only 3 patterns that you must complete to win a prize.
  • You can buy cards in sets of 6 called ‘strips’ which include all 90 numbers spread at random.
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