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Bingo: Basic strategy

Bingo is played across the four corners of the globe and is a game that’s accessible to all ages. Though many think of bingo as a simple pastime this is not the case. Bingo is one of the most lucrative of all the games of chance in an online casino. When it comes to gambling, the rules of bingo switch it up a little and that means that your playstyle must do the same also. It’s because of this that you need to be familiar with the right strategies when it comes to playing bingo for big money. In an online bingo tournament for example you can be playing against as many as 10,000 other participants at the same time. In this article we examine some methods of tactical play that can help you to overcome those odds.

Using ‘auto-play’ mode

Online casinos offer a game option entitled ‘auto play’. This option allows you to quickly recompose yourself after a bad round and also focus on other aspects during a game like which actions to take in the future. You can think of it in the same way that ‘auto pilot’ on an aeroplane works when in situations of high risk such as landing. Likewise the auto play function allows you to be better prepared in this game of high risk.

Playing with different bingo cards simultaneously

As a player you may decide to play with several bingo cards at once. This method can improve your odds of winning the game because you have more chances to collect all the numbers over a spread of 10 cards than 2 for example. The numbers on each bingo card will be random in this case… This is a statistically proven method of winning. It should be noted that his way of playing requires you to have a larger bankroll than when playing normally and this is not always practical for everyone. Our advice in this instance is to make a calculated judgement on how many you should buy, mostly because depending on which online establishment you play at, the cost of the cards will be different.

Playing with several identical cards simultaneously

This strategy is literally the opposite of the previous one we just discussed. It works by choosing cards that are identical. The idea behind this particular method is that if you win and you have two or three cards, then you will win two or three times the amount.

Minimizing the competition

Aside of being dependant on the features of the online casino itself, the frequency of winning depends massively on the number of players that you are facing at any given time. It’s obvious therefore that if the volume your prospective competition is less dense, you will have a higher chance of winning the jackpot. To do this effectively you need to choose when to play quite carefully. During the week, outside of peak hours could be very beneficial as it’s likely to be the time when less players are connected and playing online.

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