Bingo Rules – How to Play Bingo in Online Casinos


Here, in this bingo guide, we look at the rules that surround the online play inside of casinos. You will know how to play traditional bingo online no matter the number of cards you aspire to win from, and we also look at the payouts, callers, gaming options, ticket selection and the variants of online bingo.

The rules of Bingo online

The bingo game is a number game played on virtual cards whereby players hope to align matching numbers on their card(s) through sets of games. The number of balls within a game varies, with bingo having a number of variants to suit the player’s approach. The rules of play are the same throughout all variants and this review will give you a clear outline of how the numbered ball game works to land the coveted prize.

The basics of bingo

In land-based bingo halls, the numbers are called out by the caller of the organization. Tickets are then marked to what is drawn. A one-line win leads to the first prize. Then players are aiming for a two-line win, then three to round up the prizes. Now, because this is played online, things move a bit quicker, but that’s okay because playing is mostly automated.

More time for you to fit more games in. The online session has no caller, this is purely machine-based. There are two types of bingo gaming to be found in the casinos. You have the standard virtual machines found in any casino online, or you have live session games, with multiple players aiming to land that winning ticket.

At, you will be able to find the best casinos with a license to offer bingo to players, with some charitable games included.

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Live games of Bingo

If you wish to purchase your bingo cards in the live area of gameplay, then expect to be part of the most exciting experience of any gaming feature online. The melting pot of electronic gameplay and live players is equally as thrilling and social as if doing it in person inside regular bingo premises. All the top casino sites offer a multiplayer platform.

Rooms are conducted professionally and supervised over. Players can interact with each other as long as the conduct is clean and friendly. Each room has a limited amount of space so rooms can be reserved so the jackpot is only won by those taking part.

Become a 90-Ball Bingo master

Is there a magic pattern? A lucky column? Are the OBJ’s (official bingo jackpots) bigger? Is it easier to win with more balls in the game? Well, all this we will discuss in this 90-ball section of the review.

90-ball bingo is the most popular and well-known variant of the game. In the online world, games are both automated and played live. The price of a 90-ball card is no different from other variants. The virtual machines will adjust the jackpot to the amount you wager on the game. The lower you pay the less the jackpot is, so it’s your call how you play and how much you could potentially win.

Playing 90-Ball

Some machines cover all numbers in an instant, by playing on auto-mode, the drawn numbers are instantly marked on the cards. Players can play games in a normal mode in which they will see each ball in turn drop to then see if it matches on the card.

  • The winning pattern in 90-ball is simple, match any 1 line and this is a single row win.
  • Cover any 2 lines and you land the cash prize for this.
  • Cover all 3 (bingo/full house) and the jackpot is yours.

Payouts and jackpots, again, vary from machine to machine, but virtual games are based on what you play with. In the live casino rooms, the number or amount you buy cards at are set so the player is meeting the costs all others enter the room with.

90-Ball gaming options.

When it comes to live interface, you can select how you interact with your colleagues on the day. You have general settings, in-game settings, chat settings, configurations and game time reminders.

Ticket selections can also be changed during a virtual game, there are no rules to how many times you wish to alternate your card before you play.

If you win the game, the player will see, along with all others in the live room that there has been a winner and the player’s name will come up on the screen with the value of the prize won.

Note: You can access free 90-ball games here at

The variant of 75-Ball Bingo

As the numbers suggest, this game is conducted with 75 balls. The layout of the card becomes different and instead of 3 rows, players are faced with a 5 x 5 grid. In some variants of this, the middle section is marked as a free number. The number of tickets available with this format is seemingly countless, with options of playing with 24, 48 and even up to 96 tickets!

Playing 75-Ball Bingo

With the 5 x 5 grid, there are countless ways to hit a winning line. 12 opportunities to land a winning line exist with rows forming top to bottom across 5 columns, 5 rows left to right and 2 diagonal lines all on one ticket. A very charitable option if you want an easy session to be played.

When it comes to the payouts, the rules are the same as 90-ball, determined on the cost of the card you opt for. Playing live is possible, but as you stray into a live variation of the game, an online organization tends to become harder to find that offers these tickets live.

Other Variants of online Bingo

Player rules are always the same, hit a line and win a prize. Prizes can be scooped from other variants. If you want a bingo game that is quicker on time, then there is 52-ball bingo and 30-ball bingo. These options are only open in the virtual realm of games.


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