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Online bingo tournaments

These days, some of the newer online casinos have begun offering online bingo tournaments to their customers. Players compete against each other to win prestigious awards, comp and VIP points and of course cash prizes. There’s also the chance to have your name displayed up on the leaderboard for all to see. In this article we’re going to take a better look at the intricacies of tournament bingo play.

The emergence of online bingo tournaments

Online bingo sites were quickly promoted to some of the most popular sites on the internet. This is simply due to the fact that bingo is as popular among men as it is among women so there is a wider range of players frequenting these sites in general. As well as standard multiplayer bingo, they began offering tournament style play alongside their regular games.

To access these tournaments is fairly straight forward. You must be already registered to the casino or bingo website and then from there you may register for the tournament you wish to play in. The tournament will have an official start time so be sure to be available when it’s time to start playing as you could register for the tournament on a Monday but the tournament will not be played until the following Thursday for example. Make sure to read and understand all the rules that are associated with whichever tournament you wish to play in, this could save you either embarrassment or heartbreak later on.

Bingo as a social game and community builder

For as long as it has existed, bingo is a game that seems to bring people together rather than put them in competition with each other, even though technically they are. In the United Kingdom it is an extremely popular game and in a lot of cases, the town bingo hall was instrumental in bringing together residents of the same communities. What bingo tends to do is bring competition into a friendlier atmosphere.

In online bingo you are presented with a chat window so the same social vibe is continued from land based bingo, and this allows for some entertaining banter during tournaments. Some online tournaments are available in flash but some require you to download specific software from the online casino to facilitate the chat option and other game features.

More options to choose from

Online bingo tournaments also allow you to discover new and different options from those of the ‘practise rooms’ or ‘main halls’. In a ‘tournament lobby’ you can activate special features such as ‘Auto-daubing’ which will automatically mark the numbers off of your bingo card for you, or ‘Best Card Sorting’ which is an option that allows you to take a card set that would more likely to be drawn at random statistically. One final advantage of playing in an online tournament is the provision of ‘time based jackpots’. These are jackpots which activate every half hour or every hour and add another layer to the tournament game.

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