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Bingo: Player Profiles

Whether you play it online or at a hall or club, bingo is one of those games that is full of fun, big prizes and diversity. It is fair to say you can find many different player profiles, some hugely stereotypical, while others are less so. Bingo is also one of those community games that do not focus on a specific age group, with both young and old attracted to this particular game due to its informal and fun atmosphere. In this article we will try to understand the different types of bingo players out there, so let us begin.

The senior citizen

Some will say that this is just a cliché, yet the stereotype of the grandmother dressed in a dressing gown is not merely a legend. We find this fascinating character essentially in bingo halls and clubs, where bingo is played as a Sunday game. Though experienced, this type of player that belongs to the senior citizens club still lack reflexes. They fill this gap through effective assistance, by playing in pairs for example.

The mums and dads

Mums and dads also love bingo. As a direct result of this, the oldest mothers, in the age ranges of 35 to 45 years, are happy to bring their children to indulge in a small part of harmless fun. Helped by their children, these bingo enthusiasts often follow a tradition that has been introduced to them by their own parents. Within the family, bingo is an entertainment that is passed from generation to generation.

The young female player

In online bingo, a new customer is emerging: that of an emancipated and autonomous fairer sex who wants to imitate the high rollers of the gambling world. The young player is a typical profile of online bingo. They generally frequent online rooms that are aimed at them i.e. the Bingo sites that are dotted with very feminine colors and are regulars at online "Ladies Nights", special bingo events reserved for women only. She plays with enthusiasm, insight and youthful exuberance.

The macho player

A little sidelined these days, though quite prolific over the past decade, some online bingo sites target another type of customer: that of men aged 25 to 40 years old. These men play Bingo to win prizes specifically aimed at men such as tickets to football matches or T.V’s and mobile devices. Unlike the other categories, the macho player never reveals to anyone that he plays bingo as this could tarnish his image of a ‘strong and virile’ individual even though they may truly love the game.

The shy player

Unlike the macho player, this type of player is certainly shy. You find that in general they are passionate about bingo but they prefer to play at home for fear of alienating themselves from the world and their friends. They prefer to hide behind their computer screen while playing and seldom use the in-game chat function. In general however, this type of player is a fairly experienced and they know it.

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