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Bingo Strategy – The 5 Best Systems to Win Online

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The search to outdo casino games has been around for decades. Is there at all a bingo strategy which truly exists and is there one which actually works when it comes to playing bingo games online? Here, our strategy Bingo guide explores all the possibilities to beat the casino at their own game.

Is there a strategy to bingo?

Bingo is an incredible game with a long fantastic history behind it. There are people across the world of all ages that play this game. Children use cards at school as an educational form of the game, through to those older seeking more convenient ways of playing online. The numbers that turn up to enjoy games within the land-based halls are staggering.

We Gathered the Best Strategies

The question is, will there come a time in this stretch of generations where players will have the answer to win through simple and easy strategy techniques. Playing is easy enough as it stands but winning depending on the number of people you are against can make marking all the full card of trickier as the ball numbers are called one at a time.

In this review of bingo strategy, we look to propose ideas, advice of professional methods and discuss what are the options that face players that are looking to take the game head on inside their online casino.

Bingo Tips

There are five tips you can choose to incorporate into your game. This is going to work if your planning on gambling online, more so than if you were to try them out in the land-based halls. These tips and strategies will help you don great confidence in how you play and set you up to take with you the prizes when you play each type of online bingo game there is. Time to put the idle chat to rest and get on with the presentation of our strategies.

1. Less Competition

In some casino games online, the more players showing an interest in a game, the larger the jackpot sum there is to win. The more poker players you have, the bigger the poker prize is, the more players putting money into a progressive jackpot, the bigger the prize becomes.

With bingo, this works differently. The prize money for some games is not at all reflective of how many people play to win. So, at this stage, you are faced with the task of selective gaming. Finding a game or room with a fixed prize amount and a lower field of players trying to win the prize before you.

This requires some research on your part, studying different games, casinos, and rooms to find which options are at their lowest point. Think also about the days you play and the hours, if the casino only services your country, then think about when most players will be working or in bed.

2. Multiple Play with Cards

One of the most common strategies is to increase your odds by buying more bingo cards. Then more numbers you are able to mark off increase the chance of you having numbers come out in a shorter space of time for a winning line or full house. The fewer numbers you get to complete a line or full house can translate into a bonus win, meaning more money.

With online bingo, this is seen as more cost-effective, buying multiple cards with the lowest wager stakes. Rather than placing a higher wager on one card that has fewer odds of winning.

Often is the case, a number of players are waiting for their last numbered ball to drop to claim a prize if you have a single ticket, then this can seem like it takes an age for it to arrive. With all numbered cards available, you have a better idea of where you are in the game and in keeping with other players.

3. Play to What You Can See

If playing with all full cards is too much or a struggle keeping up, then only play with what you can handle.

For new players, it can be a struggle to keep up with what is called out from the machine to them search through the numbers finding it before the next number is revealed. It can be a case that you don’t look properly or mishear something in the live rooms during a game and mark your ticket incorrectly.

4. Know what’s In the Game

Before you select a game to play, read about the details of what you can win, what the wagering options are and how many players can fit into the room.

The more players that can join a room waiting for the next game will lower your chances of winning. Another room might have better prizes for the same cost, so it is always best to check your money is going into something that is more profitable and less time-wasting.

5. Bingo Chatrooms

Now, this doesn’t specifically attribute in any way of bettering your odds or chances of winning. This is to help you know if there are any special events or prizes to be won from these sites.

You don’t have to engage with any of the chat that takes place but keep the chat function open to see if the moderator mentions any free bonus offers for a chance to win money for free.

How do you win at bingo?

Now you have some rules to make the chance of winning the best it can be as a player what are the systems you can use before and during a game to elevate your chances to land a winning ticket? Although the numbers which are drawn from a game of bingo are completely random, there are systems to take note of and apply it to the online game to gain advantages over those within the same room. The two systems are known as Granville’s bingo strategy and the other Tippett’s system.

Granville’s Technique

The most common system which is used by bingo fans online today is a system that was created by Joseph E. Granville.

He was a leading financial writer in the US and came up with a series of techniques that were used for the stock market and to great effect. This system was called On Balance Volume. To this day, his methods are used by analysts of the stock market to predicts the movement in the stock prices.

What some people may not know of his work, is that Granville worked using his mathematical skill in order to determine how the odds of bingo could be improved. He looked at how the numbers on the cards were both symmetric and non-symmetric. He found that there were patterns that apply to all games of bingo and that players could use these patterns to help raise the odds of them winning.

The results of his investigation showed that more commonly numbers with different endings where more common,
i.e. 23, 56, 87. Rather than 33, 55, 77.

He also found a correlation to the numbers which were low in value and high. There was also a sign in the number of odd numbers called and even throughout the process of a full game.

So, here are some measures to take when selecting your bingo tickets from the site. You will find virtual games that you can change the selection before you buy. Make sure your card option settles with the following priorities:

1. Have an equal number of low and high numbers on the tickets.

2. Have an equal number of odd and even on the bingo ticket.

3. Have the same amount of numbers which end with 0 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9.

Tippett’s Technique

Tippett was a British statistician who devised simplistic methods to improve the game odds during a bingo session. Through his analyzation of statistics and the probabilities within the games of bingo, he made a theory that when playing 75-ball bingo, that the longer a game progressed, the more likely the numbers circulating around the number 38 would appear.

With shorter games, you are more likely to have numbers that lean closer to the number 1 ball and number 75.

So, how do you incorporate these into the cards you wish to play online?

1. Choose your card that has numbers closely associated with 1 and 75.

2. If you play using full tickets on a bingo board opt for those with numbers closer to 38.

Remember, there is more than just one type of bingo game online. The traditional form plays with 90 balls. Then there are those which are classed as 80-ball, 75-ball and 30-ball.

How can you cheat on bingo?

One of the bonuses of playing online is that no-one can tell if you are cheating. Now, is it possible at all to do this with the online game? Does it take the fun away? Will sites find out if you have been bending the rules? Well, the answer is very simple. There are ways of cheating, but you might not get any benefit from doing it.

Cheating in the Real World

So, here are some ways that you can cheat your way to success inside the bingo halls.

1. Work with the caller!

The caller in a bingo hall not only reads out the number drawn from the machine; they also verify the winning ticket number. This is obviously the biggest potential for a player to scam a game out of its money. Question is, how do you get this opportunity into a chat that doesn’t put you at risk.

The obvious way is to do this with a person you know and offer the idea to them jokingly at first. Now, this could all work out fine but will not be a feasible opportunity when it comes to the national jackpot games.

This practice can only be a once or twice thing. Owners will be on-site to take note that a certain person seems to keep winning.

The opportunity to cheat this way can be done through hand signaling or subtle gestures. A scratch of the head to indicate you need a number within the 30 regions. A cough to say you need something between 1 and 9 .

2.Ticketing counterfeits.

Another simple opportunity whereby you would need to have inside information and a team on hand to help you beat the system. The counterfeiting moment is the trickier part. You would need to produce enough tickets to be bought by potentially 100 to 200 people, they will need to have the same markings, style and finished off with fake serial numbers.

This other matter is getting these tickets in place within the casino for them to be picked up and used by a member of staff that is either in on this cheat without raising awareness or by someone who is not, without you getting caught.

Cheating in the Digital World

The opportunity to cheat online is non-existent. There are far too many security systems in place for you to be able to affect the game. The principle for cheating in any online casino game is not possible. Many card players think they can card-count their way to the bank, but it is just not possible.

The virtual machines are secured within the casino's own anti-hacking software and with live bingo rooms, there is no way to manipulate the caller because of the numbers being analyzed by systems and co-workers.

The only possible feasible way you can have some form of cheating fun online is by acquiring as many free bonuses as possible. A free bonus is an opportunity to win real money for nothing.

Casinos offer these out all the time, the opportunity is so common that if you play the system right, you won’t have to buy your way into a game ever again. Select the site where they hand out no wagering rewards. These are essentially no deposit bonuses that are eligible for all game types. Jump from site to site just using these free to play rewards and focus your attention on the available games of bingo.

What bingo numbers are called the most?

Trying to calculate the odds is a simple enough task, you take the number of tickets you have to play with and divide that from those which are in play.

Guess the Numbers When Playing Online

If there are a total of 100 tickets and you have 4 your chances become 4/100 or a 4 percent chance. The trick here is to be able to tell how many cards are in play during a session of bingo.

One option is to headcount those in the game, you can then multiply this at a guess of what the average player will be buying.

When it comes to playing this game online, the task is a lot harder, especially during progressive games where the jackpot game is linked to a network that is open to players outside of your chosen casino.

Which Number Drops More?

The reality is, that all numbers have the same chances of appearing more often than others. There is no one specific ball that purposefully comes out more during a session.

If we look at the analogy of a coin toss. If you flip the coin three times, there is bound to be a face of the coin which appears more than the other side. This outcome doesn’t mean you would bank on it being the more likely of coin faces to appear if you were to flip the coin over a period of an hour.

Number Frequency

If you wish to know where you stand with a game, you need to analyze what numbers have been called that appear with a regular pattern. The process will take time to study and will require many notes to be taken about the game.

To help, make 5 lines of numbers to make marking easier:

  • Balls 1 to 15
  • Balls 16 to 30
  • Balls 31 to 45
  • Balls 46 to 60
  • Balls 61 to 75
  • Balls 75 to 90

A each one is called mark the number off and repeat the process of elimination over 5 separate sessions. Once you have done this, note the frequency to which the numbers are called out.

With this study, you can transfer your finding to a game online, just like the Granville principle, you are looking to select cards which hold most of these frequent numbers when choosing the ticket from your virtual machine.

As mentioned, it is no guarantee, the ratio behind how often a number is drawn is purely coincidental. If there was a simple way to win at bingo all the time, then it would have already been discovered and the game would no longer exist anymore.


What becomes evident is that there are opportunities to win and there are opportunities to lose. However, there are techniques that can pose a greater advantage for players that play online.

There are plenty of things to be aware of when it comes to online games and the key point is that they are programmed to play a certain way. So, here are some points for consideration.

If a casino is out to make as much money as possible but still comply with regulation rules of making games fair, then it is very possible a casino can supply games that pay out more regularly when lower based wagers are set. The assumption that with the more tickets you buy the greater your chance is, but this is only an assumption. If the casino wants more money it will look for people to buy more tickets.

The best approach is to play a virtual bingo game and over a period of 20 games, play the different wagering amounts and see which amount of tickets, offer the most frequent times it wins. So, does playing with two cards pay more than playing with 10?

By learning the systems, you will benefit more, knowing which games to avoid and which to play. You’ll know how many tickets to buy and save money in the long run also. There is the opportunity to learn about the developers, those which make their games with low volatility and those with high volatility.


Q: Are live rooms better than virtual games?

A: live rooms are better for entertainment and jackpot prizes. They are also linked to progressive jackpots which contain the biggest online prizes for any bingo game.

Q: What is the appeal of playing bingo?

A: The thrill factor is unbeatable, you are aware of what you need to win and as each number is counted down, the next could make all the difference.

Q: Which variant of bingo is better?

A: the lower the number of balls you play, the better your chances of winning more frequently become. But these games often have smaller prizes. 30-ball would be ideal for those wanting smaller, faster wins. Otherwise, if you want a mix of quick gaming and better odds 75-ball is your best bet.

Q: Which is the quietest time to play?

A: Friday and Saturday between the hours of 8 and 11 pm. This is when most people are out and not filling the rooms up.

Q: Are there bonuses for bingo?

A: There are a number of bonuses which are eligible for bingo, you can play with cash allowances and free spins, but you have to read the terms and conditions first, so you are sure. Not all casinos come with the same rules for their offers.

Top Tips

  • Practice playing demo games first to help learn which are good and bad.
  • Don’t assume that more cards will better your chances in an online environment.
  • Seek rooms that come with a smaller headcount and fixed jackpot amounts.
  • Play when it seems the quietest time within the casino.
  • Pick up bonuses to help prolong your game.
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