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Bingo Variations

Bingo is a famous game that has been played for a great number of years in every corner of the globe in various incarnations. It’s the type of game that’s enjoyed by all age groups, primarily because it’s a very social game, bringing together whole communities in some instances for example. It is a very popular game in online casinos too, with some just dedicated solely to bingo. Bingo players are a diverse crowd also and as such enjoy playing the different variants of the game. In this article we give you a brief overview of the most popular variations of bingo in the hope that it will help you get closer to choosing the right variant to play.

30 ball bingo

If you like faster games but still want the complete bingo experience then the 30 ball variety is the game for you. It’s played with 30 numbers and a card with only 9 boxes (3x3) to mark. To win in this variant you have to mark all 9 boxes. With its faster pace you will be able to play more rounds in this version and potentially have more frequent wins.

75 ball bingo

This version of the game is probably the most widely represented of all the different types of bingo in an online casino. It’s played with 75 balls and the card consists of 25 boxes (5x5) that you need to fill, including one empty box that acts like a wild card of sorts. If you want to win some nice prizes then this is the variant for you as due to its great popularity it tends to have very lucrative payment ratios.

80 ball bingo

In 80 ball bingo the game is near identical to the 75 ball variant. The main differences are that this variant is played on a card with 16 squares (4x4) and has 5 extra balls. Despite having more balls than the 75 ball variant, it has fewer boxes to fill.

90 ball bingo

90 ball bingo is completely different from the 3 we previously touched upon. To play you need a card that has 27 squares (3x9) but it only has 15 numbers among those 27 squares. The rest are blank but are not used in the same way as 75 ball for example as there is no wild card feature in this variant.

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