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Bitcoin Casino Guide: Gambling Online Just Got A ‘Bit’ More Better

Welcome to our new and exciting article, Bitcoin Casino Guide: 2018. Helping all Bitcoin users know how the market works when it comes to using their Bitcoins inside the online casinos, how the process works, getting the best deals with casino bonuses and of course, the best casinos that accept Bitcoins and as gambling currency. Our aim was to make the Best Bitcoin casino guide and we feel we have achieved in notifying you of the facts which others don’t mention with the inclusion of Bitcoin casino games.

Casinos accepting Bitcoin

Casino Maximum BonusFirst deposit bonusBonus matchTermsSoftwareVisit
1.Slots of VegasSlots of Vegas$5000$5000+ 50 Free Spins400%
2.Las Vegas USALas Vegas USA$3000$3000150%
3.Cherry Gold CasinoCherry Gold Casino$3000$3000300%
5.Vegas Casino OnlineVegas Casino Online$11000$11000100%
6.24 VIP Casino24 VIP Casino$1215$1000+ 240 Free Spins100%
7.Red Stag CasinoRed Stag Casino$2500
8.Diamond Reels CasinoDiamond Reels Casino$500$150+ 50 Free Spins150%
9.Superior CasinoSuperior Casino$2000$2000400%
10.Black Diamond CasinoBlack Diamond Casino$200$200+ 100 Free Spins200%
See the full list

Gambling with Cryptocurrencies doesn’t have to be Cryptic. Bitcoin Casino Games, Top Online Casinos and More

To open the Best Bitcoin Casino Guide, let’s discuss the Bitcoin craze is either one that is positive on the creation and the continued rise of success or it’s lambasted and ridiculed because of the volatile fluctuations in the currency market for traditional currencies, let alone new digital cryptocurrencies. The swings and shifts in opinion will be around still for some time but as the currency is alive and in players grasp, it can be used to gamble online and it really is no different to using any other form of payment inside a regular casinos or top Bitcoin casinos.

Yes, Bitcoin users are a niche group and there are a few perks when it comes to Bitcoin transactions which we will discuss later on, but there are no hidden surprises or complex plots to deposit your Bitcoins in order to gamble online. The only tasking practice is to find a casino that not only accepts the Bitcoin but is also a casino which offers the right options for you.

2018: Best Bitcoin Casino Guide? A reveal of the Bitcoin gambling market and how you can be part of it

A lot of guides and Bitcoin gambling reviews surrounding the Bitcoin itself and the Bitcoin gambling legal requirements, actually skip over the entire process of how it works, so let us give you a clear explanation of how Bitcoin gambling actually works when it comes to using Bitcoin casino games, as it may benefit those that are yet to invest in the crypto coin.

So what is the Bitcoin? The basic answer is that like any form of credit, the Bitcoin is a series of binary codes that hold monetary value. A geeky explanation granted, but this is no different than if you were to get a bank loan and that money is seemingly generated out of thin air. The Bitcoin is a digital currency which is controlled by what are called ‘miners’. Computers and computerization form the virtual new money and because of the generation of hundreds of coins, this paves the way for it (the Bitcoin) to become an investment of viable proportions.

Unlike traditional currencies there is no government control, thusly adding to the rise in its popularity. Arguments for and against though are for a different article or news story, the birth of the Bitcoin has passed and in order for the digital currency to succeed long-term, along with its peers, it must decrease in production at a certain point in time to make the coin of greater value.

The Bitcoin, being of no governing legal tender, means there is no legislation to cease or control Bitcoin gambling. With the exception of the US, however, US players can join online casinos tailoring to Bitcoin users in other countries and thusly have free Bitcoin gambling reign.

Where to Play - Casinos that accept Bitcoin and Litecoin? Also Casino Bonuses for Bitcoin users that Deposit

The Bitcoin as with any currency can be broken down so rest assured if you have a Bitcoin worth the equivalent value say £10,000. You don’t have to deposit it all unless you plan to have a wild, carefree time. The deposit will break the coin value down to the required equivalent for depositing. The breakdowns are as follows:

After the BTC you have the CBTC or the Bitcent which is 0.01 of the value. After the Bitcent you have the MBTC or the Millibit which is 0.001 of the BTC value. Then you have the Bit at 0.000001 of the value after is fractions called the Finney equalling 0.0000001 if the Bitcoin and Lastly, the Satoshi equalling 0.00000001. So, the facts are this. There are no legal bindings, the only level of restriction if any exist will come through the casino’s own singular rules and terms. For example, so casinos allow you to withdraw winnings in Bitcoin value, some are unable to process the transaction even though accepting the deposit process.

Taking Online Gambling into the Future: Bitcoin live casino, Bitcoin VR Gaming and more excitement to come

You have your Bitcoins in hand ready, you find one of the casinos that accept Bitcoin and Litecoin from our list of cryptocurrency casinos. You deposit and now you’re actively a member of the casino, so what happens next? Well, if you pick wisely you could find yourself landing a casino bonus tailor-made for Bitcoin depositors, this can range from 100% to 500% additional cash bonus on top of your original deposited value.

All casino games are Bitcoin casino games, each adapted to the Bitcoin currency, so you’ll not need to work out or calculate your return from winnings. Any English Bitcoin casino UK players have access to will note the games monetary symbol will change reflective of the currency they use, Bitcoin is of no exception.

Depending on the casino they can set their own value of the Bitcoin worth. Some casinos will advise that a minimum deposit is ฿0.001, whereas the transaction may call for £10 as a minimum and the conversion from Bitcoin to GBP is actioned by the casino. Casinos that accept Bitcoin and Litecoin will have noted the requirement.

Casino Bonuses Best Bitcoin Gambling, Online Casino Bonuses and we’re here to help you succeed

Playing online is ever changing, whether it’s the exchange in currency or gaming, the popular casino website will ever adapt to modern needs to make available to the masses their wants as a player, today is just the turn of the Bitcoin wallet becoming a new feature of gambling sites.

Here at Casino Bonuses site, our job is to make things easier for you when it comes to getting the very best from online casinos that accept Bitcoin and Litecoin and pursuing your gambling venture. We have done all the hard work in bringing you the top online casinos which specialize in fair Bitcoin entertainment and reward users with favourable welcome bonuses. All top Bitcoin casinos are licensed and regulated and their reviews are independently scored by the casino users themselves. The Bitcoin casino games are optimized for the digital currency this covers your need to play English Bitcoin casino slots, betting on table games and making the most of the card game you enjoy. Thank you for reading what we think is the Best Bitcoin casino guide there is!


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