The #1 Blackjack Tournament to help you reach your potential

Exciting times ahead as many casinos have started organizing various online casino tournaments so that passionate casino players from all corners of the globe get the chance to demonstrate and fine-tune their skills at such a prestigious and exciting event as a Blackjack Tournament.

In this article, we will take you through the key details you need to learn about Blackjack tournaments in order to prepare for this impressive competition of talent and skill.

How to start a new adventure with live money tournaments

Did you know? Playing in a Blackjack tournament is different from playing casino Blackjack.

Key facts: In a tournament, you are going head to head with other players at the table, rather than playing against the casino dealer only.

If you are used to playing Online Blackjack, you know how to play against a casino dealer. This is a great start already as you are used to the flow of the game and you have had plenty of time to practice basic Blackjack strategy and possibly even card counting! Before you start competing in a tournament, many players normally need some adjustment, however, there are only some minor changes that you will need to get your head around to start playing your favorite game against other participants of Blackjack tournaments.

Here are some essential points related to Blackjack tournaments you should keep in mind:

  • The majority of Blackjack tournaments are available to the general public, yet, there are some exceptions as some tournaments are by invitation only and you would need a special invitation in order to enter such closed tournament events.
  • Usually, players are required to pay an entry fee, the amount of which limits the amount you can lose during a tournament.
  • When playing in a major tournament, players can win a huge sum of money – prizes of one million or higher are not unheard of.
  • If you are eliminated after the first few rounds, you can get a second chance by re-purchasing your entry ticket. This means that you will have to pay the entry fees again.
  • As a rule, the first two rounds in a tournament are used as qualifiers for the following rounds. In total, there are normally between 3 and 6 elimination rounds.

What’s the best Blackjack Strategy?

The main difference between Casino Blackjack and Blackjack tournaments is the fact that you are surrounded by other skillful players who have most likely been practicing the art of following and deviating from the rules of this brilliant game of 21 for quite a while.

Remember that card counting will be counterproductive and you will need to adjust your strategy in a Blackjack tournament because the game moves at a faster pace than that of the normal game. As you can probably guess, it is virtually impossible to keep track of everything that happens around the table in addition to noticing and counting cards.

TIP: It is extremely important for you to focus on mastering your game tactics before you head to a Blackjack tournament as winning means being better than hundreds of other players. Your aim is to beat them and climb to the very top!

Good to know: The chips used during a Blackjack tournament will usually have a numerical value which is used rather than real money. When playing against other players your aim is to collect as many chips as possible because it’s usually the two with the most chips at the end of each full round at a table who will advance to the next round. Unlike Poker tournaments, Blackjack tournaments are played with a specific number of hands predetermined in advance. There is even a ‘dealer button’ which moves on each hand. The final table is usually played out by six players and they will receive a cash prize dependant on the position they finish at.

Another key aspect of your Blackjack strategy is the size of your bankroll. It’s, therefore, better to place a big bet earlier on since there are no benefits to playing it safe. In this kind of tournament, you have to approach the game with a flexible playstyle as only two players from each table will advance to the next table. Once you have the lead, you can play more cautiously to ensure a top two finish.

Our team of dedicated casino experts has put together an exclusive list of the Top 7 ingredients of an effective Blackjack strategy for you to succeed in your next Blackjack tournament.

1. Evaluate the equity of a tournament you are interested in.

The most advantageous conditions are offered by those casinos that return 100% or over of the tournament entry fees that you pay at the start. If this rate is lower, the prize will not be as desirable.

2. Before you start playing it is very important that you read and understand the tournament rules.

This knowledge will help you decide on your game tactics and also give you a better understanding of the betting limits.

3. It is essential to know when you can deviate from the rules of the game.

However, you must know exactly which rules can be broken and which rules have to be followed in order for you to not get disqualified from the tournament.

4. Learn Blackjack strategies and know when it is best to bet high and when it is best to keep your payroll safe by placing a lower bet.

Be brave and make unexpected bold moves to increase your chances of winning.

5. Whenever possible, your goal is to bet last in a round.

Betting early is far less advantageous since you are dealing with other real players, whose aim is to get ahead in the game by keeping an eye on your betting tactics.

6. Card counting is not possible, however, knowing how to count chips is a definite advantage up your sleeve.

Learn how to count chips and you will have a better idea of your opponent’s betting tactics.

7. Learn how to determine how much you should bet.

The variables you can plan ahead for include betting early or late in a round as well as your position in relation to other participants – whether you are ahead or behind.

What are the odds of winning at Blackjack?

Since when taking part in a Blackjack tournament you play against the dealer and other players, it is important that you come to such an event very well-prepared.

The odds of getting ahead of the dealer are the same as those in any other type of non-tournament play (at online or land-based casinos). This means that once you have mastered a basic Blackjack strategy, you will be capable of reducing the dealer’s edge and increasing your odds of beating the house.

Due to its very low house edge, Blackjack is considered to be a very rewarding game of skill that attracts many skillful players. For this very reason, when you are playing in a tournament, apart from playing against the dealer, you will also have to compete with other players.

In an ideal case scenario, all participants should have an identical set of skills and experience for every party to have the same odds of winning. In other words, if you took part in a tournament with 100 participants, your odds of winning would be 1%. Of course, from a practical point, it is far from reality.

NOTE: To increase your chances of winning in a Blackjack tournament, it is recommended that you perfect your skills by following these tips:

  • Get a solid understanding of an effective basic Blackjack strategy;
  • Once you have mastered the basics, move on to more advanced techniques that will help you outsmart your opponents during a tournament;
  • Learn to manage your nerves and think rationally to manage risk and evaluate the odds during the game;
  • Learn how to play aggressively and when it is best to play it safe to increase the effectiveness of your bets;
  • Remember to go over the rules of the game and the selected tournament thoroughly.

Where can tournament players train?

As we have seen, Blackjack tournaments are exciting and fun, however, to have the most thrilling experience of your life, it is very important to learn how to play Blackjack like a Pro and also how to outsmart your opponents. If you are a new player, who is still researching what casino games are the most appealing, opt for a range of free casino games offered by the majority of reputable online casinos.

The biggest advantage of this option is that you are not limited to playing Blackjack only and you can try some other popular casino games including Online Slots and various table games, such as Roulette, Poker, Baccarat and even Bingo.

Blackjack enthusiasts will also find a range of personalized casino bonuses that will help them to advance their skills and practice the most important actions to prepare for a tournament. Since Blackjack tournaments have a much faster pace, you should learn all basic strategic moves by heart before heading to a Blackjack tournament.

The best way to do so is by playing Blackjack online as much as possible using your personal computer, smartphone or tablet. In preparation for your Blackjack tournament, you should also experiment with some advanced techniques in order to be able to think on your feet and counteract your opponents’ actions and betting strategies as effectively as possible.

Hollywood celebrities choose the Ultimate Blackjack Tournaments

If you love Blackjack, you must have heard about the Ultimate Blackjack Tournaments as they have made elimination tournaments widely popular all over the United States. The Ultimate Blackjack Tour is a TV series of Blackjack tournaments, which included well-known Poker and Blackjack stars.

The type of Blackjack that was played on this show was Elimination Blackjack. It is now played at both online and land-based casinos and it is extremely popular in Las Vegas. The thrill of this type of Blackjack is triggered by the fact that players can be eliminated from the game if they run out of chips or do not have enough chips to bet the required minimum amount. The tournament also has a number of cut-off points, which means that after a particular stage ending with a cut-off point, the player who has the lowest number of chips is eliminated.

What a magnificent rollercoaster ride, isn’t it?

Your Casino Bonus will start a new adventure

Ready to get yourself out there and have a blast? Blackjack tournaments are full of exciting game rounds and thrilling combinations of cards. Being part of this event and possibly winning a generous reward will give you a memorable experience and spice up your routine.

Remember that regardless of your skills and experience, you can always find fantastic opportunities to play for free without risking losing any real money. Choose from our exclusive list of Top 10 Casinos in the USA and be sure to try out different online casino games for free by simply claiming your welcome bonuses.

Once you feel that you are ready to showcase your most advanced Blackjack skills, find a suitable Blackjack tournament and start a new adventure. Good luck!

Written by Tom Lasten

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