Blackjack Tournament

Blackjack has always been a very popular game in casinos. Recently, following the popular surge in online poker tournaments, online casino operators have adapted a similar format for blackjack and this style of play has become immensely popular. There are now numerous televised major international blackjack tournaments including the Blackjack World Series and the Ultimate Blackjack Tour. With online casinos being as popular as they are now, everybody has the opportunity to participate in a blackjack tournament.

What is a Blackjack Tournament like?

For regular Blackjack players, the number of people sitting around the table is of little importance because the game is played heads up against the dealer. In an online blackjack tournament however, other player’s hands are of paramount importance because your goal is not only to beat the dealer but to win more money than the other players at the table. There are 3 to 6 elimination rounds generally in a tournament. The first two generally serve as qualifiers for the next round.

The chips used during a blackjack tournament will usually have numerical value which is used rather than real money. When playing against other players your aim is to collect as much winnings as possible because it’s usually the two with the most chips at the end of each full round at a table who will advance to the next round. Unlike poker tournaments, blackjack tournaments are played with a specific number of hands predetermined in advance. There is even a ‘dealer button’ which moves on each hand. The final table is usually played out by six players and they will receive a cash prize dependant on the position they finish at.

Strategies for playing online blackjack tournaments

In general you need to adjust your strategy in a blackjack tournament because the game moves at a faster pace than that of the normal game. The size of your bank roll plays an enormous part in your overall strategy. It’s therefore better to place a big bet earlier on since there are no benefits to playing it safe. In this kind of tournament you have to approach the game with an adaptable playstyle as only two players from each table will advance to the next table. Once you have the lead you can play more cautiously to ensure a top two finish.

Below is a live list of blackjack tournaments available for you to sign up for. Why not read a review of the casino as well to help you decide which is the best one to play at.


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