Online Blackjack Tournaments Tips to Help You Reach Your Potential

online blackjack tournament

The game of blackjack is a fun game, but you can find yourself getting bored after an hour or so of playing. However, you can make things a lot more exciting by taking part in an online blackjack tournament. Below you will be able to find out everything that you need about playing in online casino tournaments. Heed what we are about to tell you and we guarantee that you will improve your chances of winning some big cash prizes.

Casino BlackjackTournament Blackjack
Playing against the dealerPlaying against the dealer and your fellow players
Your aim is to win moneyYour aim is to finish with the most chips
You will rarely win large sums of moneyYou can win large cash amounts
No limit on the amount you can loseYour entry fee determines how much you can lose

How Do Blackjack Tournaments Work?

When you play blackjack at an online casino or at a brick and mortar casino based in Las Vegas, you are taking on the dealer only. In other words, you do not care two hoots about what your fellow players have. As long as you have a better hand than the dealer, you will win some money.

However, if you are taking part in a blackjack tournament then you are competing against your fellow players as well as the dealer. You and everyone else at the table start with the same amount of chips and will play the same amount of hands. When those hands have been played, whoever has the most chips will be declared the winner and will match up against other table winners. Sometimes the top two will advance to the next round.

Why Are Casino Blackjack Tournaments Popular?

Blackjack tournaments are extremely popular, and this is how the numbers are whittled down to a final six or seven players who will compete for the tournament's top prize. With other casino tournaments for other games such as slots, not everyone will walk away with some cash, but everyone who makes it to the final round of a blackjack tournament will walk away with something.

The great thing about a blackjack tournament is that you do not even have to win a lot of chips in order to advance. For instance, let us say that you start with 5,000 chips as your bankroll and come to the conclusion of the round you have just 500 remainings. As long as this is more than everyone else at the table, you will move on to the next round. Therefore, when you are competing in a tournament, you need to keep a close eye on everyone else's bankroll so that you know whether you are ahead of the chip count or not.

How to Participate in An Online Blackjack Tournament?

The majority of tournaments that you will come across are open to anyone who is a member of that online casino, but there are somewhere only those who are invited can play. You will usually have to deposit a fee to gain entry into the competition, and if you get eliminated early on you are usually able to pay another fee and try again.

Different Blackjack Tournament Formats

There are a variety of different blackjack tournaments that you can come across and we are going to take a close look at these below.

Traditional elimination

This is the most popular format. With this type of tournament, you are only competing against the players at the table, with the winners moving on to the next round and everyone else being eliminated. However, most of the time you will be able to deposit another fee in order to buy re-entry.


This type of tournament was created in order to try and make things even more exciting for television viewers and players. The player with the lowest amount of chips after a designated number of hands is eliminated from the competition. Once you are out, you are out. There is no buy-in option.


Here you will be competing against everyone taking part in the event, not just those at the table you are playing at. At the end of a designated number of rounds, the players with the most chips will share a prize pool. There is often a leader board in plain view, so you know how many chips you need to be in with a chance of getting some money.

Live money

In the majority of blackjack online tournaments that you will play in, the chips that you use have no real value. However, if you are participating in an event like this, you have to buy chips and you can exchange them back for cash once the tournament has ended. Thus, if you opt to go all in, that is your own real money that you are risking, so you best hope that you pick up a decent card or two.

Mini tournaments

They are often held daily at online casinos and an entry fee of $25 or less will apply. They will be completed that same day and the prize pool will never usually be more than $2,000.

Major tournaments

These have high entry fees and will take a couple of days to complete. People find this type of blackjack event very attractive due to the size of the prize pool. These events will usually be held over the weekend.

Sit 'N' Go

These events run continuously and start once 6 players have sat down at the table. This type of blackjack tournament has become extremely popular for blackjack players and you have to apply quickly if you want to join one as the seats go fast.

N.B. If you happen to be new to blackjack tournaments, then we really recommend that you stay away from live-money or non-elimination tournaments. You should start with the mini-tournaments until you have got some much-needed blackjack tournament experience. Anyone can get a bit of luck and end up winning a competition, but to increase your chances of winning more regularly, you have to develop some specific skills, which we will talk about a bit later on.

Key points to take away so far:

  • In a blackjack tournament you compete against other players
  • Each player begins with identical bankrolls, and after a certain number of hands have been played, the player (sometimes top two) who has the most chips will advance to the next round
  • The winner of the last round will get the biggest prizes
  • There are many different blackjack tournaments, with elimination tournaments being the most popular
  • You should always keep track of the chip count so you can place your bets accordingly

Can I Play Blackjack Tournaments on My Mobile Device?

If you like to gamble on your smartphone or tablet, then you are not the only one. In fact, more people gamble on their mobile devices nowadays than those who gamble on a desktop device. Casino owners know this, and they also know that if they do not take mobile gamblers into consideration, they will be marginalizing a large proportion of their market. Therefore, every single thing that they do is done with mobile gamers at the forefront of their minds. Thus, you should not be surprised to hear that you will definitely be able to play blackjack tournaments on your mobile devices.

Blackjack Tournament Tips

Below are some great tips that we highly recommend you keep in mind whenever you are thinking about entering a blackjack tournament.

Find out the Equity of the Tournament

In order to enter a tournament, there will be an entry fee that has to be paid. The best competitions are ones which will return all of the entry fees as prizes. On some occasions, the casino themselves will add even more money to boost the prize pool. These are great tournaments to take part in as the prize pool is more than the entry fees. Sometimes, the prize pool will be less than the sum of the entry fees, and these competitions are less desirable. Therefore, before you join an event, you should find out what percentage of the entry fees are added to the prize pool. You should try to stick to those competitions where most of the entry fees will be added to the pot.

Read the Rules

When you enter a competition, make sure that you take a few minutes to read the rules because they will vary from event to event. If you do not know the rules, then you can end up making mistakes that will cost you dearly. By reading the rules you will be able to find out important information about the betting limits, the number of hands that will be played, the number of players that advance to the next round, whether the surrender option is available, and so on. If you have any questions about the rules, get in touch with the casino before you start to play.

The Importance of Betting Positions

Each player takes a turn at betting first. You will know if it is your turn to bet first as the dealer will place a small button in front of you. Once the hand is over, the button will move to the person on your left. When you know whose turn it is to bet first, you should work out what betting position you will be in for the last round. If you are going to have to bet first on that very important last hand, you need to bet aggressively before so that you have a lead in the last hand. Why should you do this? Well, the player that bets first is at a disadvantage to those who bet last as they do not get to see the bets that were made by their rivals.

Some Strategies to Consider

Below are some strategies that you should consider when you are taking part in a blackjack tournament.

Catching Up

If you happen to fall behind the leader, then it is best to make a couple of big bets in order to catch up rather than a number of small bets. You should wait until you have had your turn with the button before making a catch-up bet. Furthermore, you will have to pay close attention to the max betting limits. You definitely do not want to find yourself more than one maximum bet behind with just a few hands remaining. In this scenario, you will not be able to place a big enough bet in order to catch up. You should also make sure that you still have enough chips to pair split or double down if needed.

Bet the Opposite

Another way that you can catch up with the leader is to bet the opposite way to what they bet. Therefore, if they decide to bet small, you should bet big and vice versa. However, if you happen to be more than one maximum bet behind the current leader and mid-stage point of the tournament has been reached, you should consider placing large bets in order to catch up to the leader.

Bet Half of Your Bankroll

If you are going to have to make a larger bet towards the last few hands, then you really should think about betting half of your bankroll. If you do this, then you will be able to pair split if you get a pair. You cannot pair split for less than your original wager, which is why you leave half of your bankroll in reserve to pair split if needed.

Don't Go All In

If some of your opponents have gone all-in on the last hand, then you should think about holding back one chip. Therefore, if the dealer goes on to beat the table, you could stand a chance of going through because you have not busted like your opponents.

Some more key points to take away:

  • Find out the tournament's equity.
  • Read the rules before you start to play.
  • Remember the rules that could see you get kicked out if you break them.
  • Increase your odds of winning by learning different betting strategies.
  • Always keep a note of how many chips your opponents have.
  • Betting last is always better than betting early.

Play for Free before You Enter a Tournament

If you are quite new to the game of blackjack, then we highly recommend that you play free blackjack before you go ahead and start risking your own money. Why do we recommend this? Well, the bonus of playing for free is that you will be able to familiarize yourself with everything to do with blackjack and you do not need to worry about losing any of your hard-earned money. Another bonus of playing for free is that if you are planning to use any strategies, you can test them out for free without spending your own money. As you can see, free play has its bonuses.

So, where exactly can you play for free? Well, you will be happy to hear that you can play blackjack games for free at the majority of online casinos sites. They know that people love to build up their skills by playing for free, so they make sure that offer up free games for all of their customers to play. As well as blackjack, you can find other free casino games on offer, such as slots, poker, baccarat, craps, and roulette.

You will obviously need to have an account with an online casino in order to play their games for free or for real money. If you do not have an online casino account and would like one, then head on over to our Top 10 casinos page where you can find ten of the best online casinos sites for American players. Read each review that we have written about each one and we guarantee that the information that you find will help you choose the best online casino for you.


🎰 Can I Play Blackjack Tournaments on a Mobile Device?

If you are a mobile gambler then you will be glad to hear that you can play blackjack tournaments on your mobile device. As well as blackjack competitions, you will also be able to enter events for other casino games such as video poker and slots.

🏩 Can I Play Blackjack for Free?

When you are new to any casino game, you should play it for free before you start playing using your own money. By doing this, you can make sure that you do not make any costly mistakes that will end up costing you quite a bit of cash. Thankfully, the majority of online casinos will allow you to play their blackjack games for free so that you can practice your strategies as well. You can also play other games such as slots, baccarat, roulette, craps, keno, poker, and Sic Bo all completely for free.

🤯 Should I Use a Strategy When Playing in a Blackjack Tournament?

You can play in a blackjack event at an online casino USA and get lucky and win, but most of the time you will need some type of strategy to finish on top and claim the prize. You should always make use of some strategies no matter what type of tournament you are playing in. Luck is something that you cannot don forever.

💸 What type of money can I Win When Playing at a Blackjack Tournament?

Well, this will obviously depend on the type of tournament that you are competing in as well as the casino that you are playing at. If you are participating in a mini tournament, then the prize pool will not usually be more than a few thousand dollars, but if you are competing at a major tournament, then the prize pool will be a lot more. Once you have won at blackjack, try out some online slots for some more unbridled fun.


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