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Blackjack - A Player’s Guide to Online Blackjack

When looking at casino games online few have a name which precedes its reputation. One of what is blackjack and this is why we have created this blackjack guide so that you can learn what the game is really about and what it offers players in the casino environment.

A Presentation of blackjack history and how the game lead to being a global phenomenon of gambling

The origin of blackjack leads us back to the 1700s. Many details of its beginning are lost with the passage of time and it has alluded many who have tried researching a clear history of the game.
This said, we are going above and beyond to bring you all the facts and information surrounding the game, whether it’s the online blackjack format, the rules of the blackjack card game and strategies aligned, discussing what is blackjack and accessing free 21 blackjack games.

The Origin of Blackjack

The consensus is the feature formed in France and built its foundation from other card games such as Chemin de Fer and the vogue game of the time French Ferme. There was a Spanish alternative which was aptly names One and Thirty, whereby a player would need to reach 31 with the cards in order to win the game.

It would appear at no point in time did the game just appear through one person’s idea, rather, it evolved into the casino game we know now. Centuries of how bets were made and adjusted, rules tweaked and changed. How the hand works now, would certainly not have been the same as when it was first introduced.

It wasn’t until it made it across to the Americas that the name was given. They also changed some of the rules, whereby players could see the dealer’s cards face up prior to being able to make a decision on whether to hit or stand.

It was in America where card counting came into prominence, those who play blackjack know have a harder time of it and requires more skill, back then it was just the single deck in use up to the mid-50s.

Modern Blackjack

Jump forward another five 70 decades and the game still retains much mystery with players trying to develop strategy play through how to bet in the casino online. Since the definitive version of the blackjack games was agreed upon, the formula of play has not changed with its digitalization into the world of Internet gaming.

It remains a global success and is now accessible in two key formats. One, players can enjoy programmed machines that invite users to experience the game in all its variants. Two, there is the option to play live dealer games which are a streaming platform that presents the game in real-time.

What our guide about online blackjack offers and teaches you about all areas of the Blackjack card game

Our guide is here to help those who are looking to experience the option for the first time and for those which have been playing blackjack on a regular basis. Our blackjack guide exposes all the areas of the game and you can take advantage of the facts once you’ve finished here and headed to the TOP 10 blackjack casinos online.

Those who have played the game will already know the basic rules, what a soft game is and what the required hands are to win, but they may not know of the house edge or specific strategies to maximize their opportunities. As for new players, all aspects of the game are clearly discussed within the individual articles of the following topics.

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Blackjack Rules

If you have not played blackjack before, then this article covers all the rules you need to know. How bets are placed, what is a stand, what is double down, how much is a hit, the value of the Ace card and all the other basic must-know facets of the game, even why surrender moves are no bad thing. This also ties in with the strategies of the game, which we will also be helping with.

Blackjack Strategy

When playing blackjack online, the cogs of the mind perpetually key on wondering if there is one winning strategy that if played will help you win money easier and faster. The game isn’t hard to play, but for many, it’s down to the players and how they approach the casinos and play.

As with all online games, there are ways to influence the outcome, whether it’s down to how you bet or even budget. You certainly cannot influence the way the cards are dealt, nor the total number of decks used. What you can do is begin with demo games to apply experimentations. To see and learn about gaming patterns and the effect random wagering has for both losses and wins at the table. This guide covers the more alternative views of strategy that players find helpful.

Basic Strategy

You can gain further advantage through the simple things you can learn. Blackjack basic strategy techniques are as simple as having the answers in front of you, just like the basic strategy chart. This covers games using a single deck and multi decks, it teaches when you should double when to split, surrender and hit. This basic chart makes playing quicker and easier. If you’re counting on help, then this article discusses all the basic strategies which the ace up your sleeve are.

Blackjack Tournaments

Yes, the feature allows for enthusiasts to experience a different competitive approach to the game. Get your playing mind in focus as you learn the harsh reality of your skills whilst taking on other members of the casino. The prize money tends to be a pool prize which rewards ten, twenty, maybe thirty top placed prizes.

If you want to count yourself in on the action, then this tournament article explains all the challenges which you can face at the table.

Best Seat at the Blackjack Table

Partly a strategy within the game and offers advantages if you select a table in a multi-player game where you can choose where to sit. We review this strategy more clearly in this article and explain how if you sit furthest from the table it can assist with card counting, which leads us nicely onto…

Card Counting

Is card counting possible online? Is it easier with single deck blackjack tables? Heck, is the notion of blackjack card counting a scam to hit players where it hurts? Whether its an ace up the sleeve or not, we discuss the basic principle of this tactic which has players split and you’ll read whether or not your time should be spent eyeing up the deck.

Live Blackjack

Face the game in real-time with live dealer blackjack. In this article we cover the full topic, does it make the game harder to win? Can you face the dealer one on one, or are all tables for multi-player? No doubt that blackjack is double the fun, thrill and entertainment. And we tell you how it’s played and the features the platform provides, including specialist bonuses.

Martingale Method

For many, the number one go-to-strategy with blackjack online is betting with the Martingale method. Lower the number of times you go bust and increase your win ratio. To know what keeps players in the green, read the article and test it out yourself after.

Access the blackjack game completely free through the TOP 10 casinos and our own website

Now the part of the black jack guide that gets people excited. Playing for free and making money from it. The option of free play comes two-fold. You have our very our website which provides over 5000 games, of which, a number of them relate to blackjack. The second option comes from the casinos directly. Boost your insurance through bonuses and rewards by playing free with the casino’s own funds and free games.

There are numerous amounts of offers available from the plethora of sites we recommend to our users. So, here is a list of the more commonly available bonus rewards which are accessible to both newly registered members and current players of the site.

Best of Bonuses

The majority of these are found within the casino’s promotion page and can be used for any format of the blackjack game, rules pending!

✅ Welcome Package

✅ Free Spins

✅ Matched Deposit

✅ No Deposit

✅ VIP Rewards

✅ Refer a Friend

✅ Exclusive High Roller Bonus

The Bonuses

The Welcome Package

The welcome bonus will hand new registered members either an allowance that boosts their financial capital to play or a select number of free games. However, the most common instance of this actually provides both rewards i.e. 200% up to 5,000 + 50 Free Spins. The welcome bonus can sometimes be a tiered offer, allowing who opt-in for it to deposit values over stages to gain all full rewards back.

Free Spins

Just like within the Welcome Bonus offer, free games can vary in number. We say free games and free spins tend to suggest that it is only optimal to slots, but not entirely the case. If you were to read the terms of the deal you will see what eligible platforms can be used with the free ‘spins’. Numbers can be as low as 5, some will climb as high as 1500. It is all relative to the casino operator and promotion at that given time.

Matched Deposit

This is all about insurance for your money. The ‘match’ is where the casino will pay you on a percentage based on your very own deposit. Again, referring back to the welcome bonus, the match was 200% with a player being able to gain back 5,000 from the operator. Yes, you’ll be putting money in, but if it is lost on games, then the bonus becomes that insurance to claim back.

No Deposit

The no deposit is a rare gem, this will grant you free table access in any format and play blackjack with no strings attached. It may form as money or free games. This kind of bonus takes other forms called No Wagering Bonus, Loyalty Bonus and Free Bet. Perfect to cash in on at the right table.

VIP Rewards

You can be part of the points system as soon as you sign up. Play any game and you accrue points which later become prizes. This can be gifts, bonuses, cash or something unique and special. So, if you want to enjoy blackjack, keep in mind the more you play the more it will lead to a return from the casino.

Refer a Friend

If you know a friend that likes the same card games as you, then have them register so that you can both reap the rewards of the ‘refer a friend’ bonus. Usually, a cash sum and the new member will still be eligible to claim all of the above-mentioned rewards when registering.

Exclusive High Roller Bonus

If you want to win big in Blackjack, you need the funds to back you for the long game. With the high roller bonuses, larger financial backing is offered, and extra free games are also provided. This does usually mean a higher deposit value, but true high rollers wouldn’t have concern over this.

Demo Play

So, what do you get from

✅ 100% Original Games.

✅ Authentic Software Developers.

✅ Compatible to All Devices.

✅ No Downloading.

That’s pretty much it. What you get to play inside the casinos, you’ll have access to through our 5000 plus titles. For blackjack players new to the game, this is the very best way and the only way to start learning.

The demo mode titles are compatible with all devices even allowing mobile users to experience the games through iOS and Android software. There is a very good reason why you must opt for these games and not go for those which come as mobile app games and it comes down to the developers. These titles are made by the companies which provide their games to the very casinos you can join from The ones you find in pay apps are designed by completely different developers so what you learn from them would be over very little relevance, especially when it comes to joining a casino and playing for real money payouts.

How it Works

► Click on the picture to access the FREE version of the game ◄

Example: Classic Blackjack Gold Series™ by Microgaming.

Load the game and you’ll be faced with the table. Top to bottom: You have the chips stacked center, these are the dealer’s chips. Either side is the shoes. Cards will be dealt from the left and once used returned to the empty shoe on the left. Middle of the table it reads, ‘Dealer must stand on all 17’. This means the dealer cannot go higher if their first pair totals 17. ‘blackjack pays 3 to 2 – insurance pays 2 to 1’. This is the odds of the game, and you should refer to the strategy guide for our opinion on insurance play.

You have 5 places where you can bet, think of these as seats, you can opt for one place or all five, it’s your choice and if you believe in strategy play then experiment to see if there are any advantages where you place your bets or how many you place.

Along the bottom is the action panel. Here you have your chips to bet with. You then have action buttons Deal, Clear Bets, Bets x2, change Table and Options.

Start the game by selecting the value of your chips and clicking where you wish to place them. Click deal to confirm the bet and the cards are then dealt. Two for you and one for the dealer. All cards will be face up and you can then make your decision. The action buttons change to Hit, Split or Stand. After the game finished, win, lose or draw, the action buttons change to Rebet and Rebet x2. Alternatively, to restart the game, just select the chip and replace it on the table as you first did to begin the game.

Reviewing 21 Blackjack - We test the best online blackjack options used by the best casinos

At, we have a number of people that adore this game, but we felt that for a fair review, we’d let Alistair Edwards review the demo games for us and to try real blackjack in the online casino he’s registered with for his opinion and review of his experience.

Best Online Casinos to play Blackjack on Internet
CasinoMaximum BonusFirst deposit bonusBonus matchTermsSoftwareVisit
1.$5000+ 25 Free Chip$5000+ 50 Free Spins400%
3.$2000+ 33 Free Spins$2000400%

“I’m by no means a blackjack player, let’s make that clear. So, in order to figure out how to play, I began with the demos offered out on our website. I had no idea there would have been so much choice, so I opted for the first one I saw, Single Deck Blackjack. It was a nice-looking table, pastel blue with silver and black buttons and cards. I knew the rule was to hit as close to 21 but that was it. The game was easy to use, clearly indicating my minimum wager was 1.00 and that I could bet up to 300. The cards weren’t the best design, but the function of the platform was clean. As a learning player, the game seemed very simple to pick up, even with its seemingly fast action. After 20 minutes I didn’t feel like I was getting the full casino experience. I logged into my registered casino and loaded up one of the live tables.

I opted for a very basic game rather than one of the many variants available. I’m used to the live casino area more as I am a poker player, and the quality of the platform was exactly the same as I’m used to. Having the action play out in front of you in this arena is more appealing, in my opinion. You’re able to interact and engage with the dealer and seeing their reaction to the reveal of their hand is priceless, especially if they lose.

It’s actually a very easy game to play, I thought it would require more skill along the lines of poker, but no, very easy, fun and the multiple options of how you can move in the game makes it very appealing. 8/10 for me.”

Blackjack Summary - What is blackjack? Well, we conclude with our FAQ’s and top tips that answer this

Throughout, our guide blackjack has touched upon all the key areas of the game, how betting is done with free bonuses, what the house edge is and what hands can be split and how to double down. So, we end our review of the game with a blackjack FAQ section and top tips to take with you as you leave this page.


  • Q: What is a Surrender? A: Surrendering a game allows for half the players bet to be returned if called prior to the dealer’s cards being revealed.
  • Q: What is a soft and hard hand? A: a soft hand refers to a hand which holds an ace, an ace is either a single point or can be eleven. Therefore, taking an extra card by calling hit, won’t exceed 21 and have you go bust. A hard hand is one which is without an ace and you’re stuck without any option to change it unless you hit.
  • Q: Are you allowed to card count? A: The answer is depending on whether the dealer can confirm the number of decks being used. You can card count if you wish, but you may wish to read the guide to see if it is worth it.
  • Q: Do live games payout more than machines? A: The total payout is relative to how much you deposit and if what you are dealt at the time happens to be the higher wager. The chips are the same in value so, therefore, there is no real difference, unless, you opt for one of the VIP tables!
  • Q: What is the house edge in Blackjack? A: The average is roughly 1.54% in the live game. If you play machines this is technically the same, but it uses a different algorithm to determine when it pays out.

Top Tips

  • Practice the rules of any specific game in demo mode first and see how frequent your wins land before deciding if this is the one you wish to play with real money inside the casino.
  • Bonus rewards will allow for free games if the terms of the deal are perfect. So read the details first before using it.
  • Budgeting in blackjack is essential and a bigger hand betters your chances the longer a game goes on.
  • RTP machines are often seen as the worse of the two. RNG tables pick winners at random, so research your machine before playing.
  • Always double down on eleven!


💫 Does seating strategies work inside online casinos?

No, the tip is mainly used during real Blackjack games, where your seat may help you to see other player’s cards. So, it has no place in the online world of casinos.

🃏 Does this tip work with live blackjack?

Unfortunately, this blackjack strategy does not work during the live streaming of blackjack games because of how the camera is positioned. There are no tips for blackjack that are truly successful.

🤓 Are there any other blackjack strategies?

Yes, you can find plenty of other strategies that help players inside of online casino found here in our strategy guide for blackjack. They will help with virtual table games of blackjack.

We hope you enjoy the rest of our blackjack guide and thank you for picking to help you.


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