Blackjack Betting Strategy – Time to Deal Yourself a Massive Win

We continue our look into basic blackjack strategy techniques, with this, a look at the professional techniques that will help take your gaming in blackjack to whole new levels. Get ready for the best blackjack strategies available online.

Introducing Professional Strategies for New Players

There are, as with many casino games, different approaches that can advance players bets, gift more of a bankroll, reduce the house edge over the game and push players to achieving more consistent win ratios over losses. In this section of our blackjack guide, you will discover these formidable approaches, as used by the best of the best in the professional world of blackjack gaming.

Play the Ultimate Casino Game

If you don’t know it yet, blackjack is the best odds game in the business of casino play. The house edge on the game only stands at 1.48% over the player. How you bet during the game is down to you. You are able to select a number of moves to advance your position in the game over the dealer. The play is simple, yet here we are giving you the best strategy advice to teach how you play on a whole new level when it comes to betting on this card game.

Now, for first time players, playing blackjack can be a game of guessing, understandably so with it being a new experience. There are, however, rules within the game that require you to explore strategies given that blackjack is a game that exploits mathematical theories and percentages.

Many of the techniques featured in our guide are used by professionals that turn the fact of play into a winning habit. There are quite a few points to understand therefore we will begin by informing you about the different types that are on hand to help you win more money online as a new player inside the best casinos across the Internet.

Which system will help you become a success?

When you first play you may instinctively change the amount of your wagering throughout the course of the game. This is known as progressive betting a system that is used by expert players but only depending on the outcome of their previous hand.

The progressive action works in two systems, these strategies are the Positive Progression and the Negative Progression.

  • The Positive approach is to place bets on the table that are that were previously lower, once you win from your hand. This is aimed at making the highest possible profit during a winning streak.
  • The Negative approach is increasing the betting wager higher after each loss. The tactic here is one that recoups losses by slowing accruing a profit.

Now, you may have heard of a system called the Martingale method in our previous guide articles. It is the most famous of systems for betting which can be adapted for other casino games such as roulette and craps. The technique of chasing wins from losing positions seems like trying to dig yourself out of a hole, but theoretically, it is one of the most effective systems.

Outside of the Martingale technique

Anyone hear of the 1, 3, 2, 6 betting strategy? Well, it may sound odd, but it is a very basic tactic to use in the field of play. This method is all about the bet sequence and not the number on the cards. Should you win, only then should you trigger this option and you should cease when you lose.

How does this system work? Well, the amount you wager goes like this, with the example of playing in a unit of $10.
  • If you happen to lose, say, 4 bets each one at $10, then this remains till you land a win from the hands you’ve been dealt
  • Should you be good enough to win 4 in a row, your sequence would look like this: $10, $30, $20 and $60. Placing your 5th bet, the value should revert back to $10.
  • What if you lose the 3rd bet? Well, you bets sequence will look like this: $10, $30, $20, $10.

This pattern of play would eliminate the use of playing the double down option because you would have to pay in addition to the move, therefore disrupting the pattern. The basic system is good in keeping your management in-line and help you to play the game over the long haul. Losses are backed by winning profit from the previous bet. The system also negates you from performing a split with your hands. But stick to the rules and you will see the benefits and your profit total increases bit by bit.

Neutralizing a losing streak the professional way

Another progressive betting form to help you land more money as a player is the Oscars Grind system. This helps you to stop losing streaks and ups your profit by one unit ($10) per progression. Now, this blackjack system has been in place since 1965 and was primarily used in the game of craps.

How to incorporate the Oscars system when playing

So, the rules of this are a little less basic than others. When you win your first unit, again using the example of $10. Then the progression of the system resets and you will go back to the beginning. If the 2nd hand wins, the next bet is doubled and so on after that. It’s about taking the hit in order to gain profit back over a long period of time.

For a new player, this style of play may seem odd given how risky casino games are so here is a visual representation of what the Oscars strategy looks like if you are counting your losses and wins.

Bet Size___Result___Profit








Oscars Grind Table

Here you will notice that whilst you are losing on card after card, your bets are at the lowest stake possible. Once you win against the dealer on a – the progression begins. The goal of this is to only ever win the one extra unit in money and recouping losses one step at a time, this is why winning on two units is only a profit of one.

How should your cards treat you kindly and you not lose during the online table, then you can see profits more than double the amount. Here’s what several lucky hands could produce looking at the unit count during a long hot streak.

Bet Size___Result___Profit








As far as strategies go, counting the profits on this one can bring about a good amount of gain should you manage to avoid those losses. Though it has to be said that getting to this level inside casinos, takes a lot of patience.

Final important tips to help you win more

There can be a lot that goes against you in a game of blackjack, like why you can make a split, not knowing if the table is playing with a single deck or multiple decks, the indecision of when to hit and when not to hit, it sounds like a total nightmare to play on just these points and even card counting doesn’t help even if playing online against the casino. So, what other strategies are there in blackjack to help you bet more efficiently? To give players a better advantage over the house?

Here we line up our final strategy tips that will help you to hit form at the right time, easy to use for any player and get one over on the dealer.

Tips to give you the edge when facing the online table games of Blackjack

Even though every player to have a magic hand every time they are betting on the blackjack card game, there is, unfortunately, no strategy that will work every time when you bet against the dealer.

There are ways, however, to maximize your game and your winnings whilst playing blackjack.

Tips to take to the table

  • When enjoying blackjack keep in mind the house edge, it is always there, and no strategy can reduce it. You should, however, be looking for blackjack variants that give you better bet options to play with.
  • If the chips are down when betting and your hand is not at its best, the insurance option is there but it is greatly advised that you say no to this player drains money fast and is a useless option given the dealer could go bust.
  • Be sure to check the payment rate of a win. Choose 3/2 rather than 6/5. 3/2 is the usual fair payout rate.

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