Blackjack Tips – What you needed to know to finally win

Blackjack tips

A lot can be said when it comes to reviewing blackjack and how to win the game. Here we discuss the tips to help you form a blackjack guide that will gain your advantage over the house edge and increase your profits whilst at the table.

Introducing Blackjack tips and gaming advice

If you are new to the card game of blackjack, then there is a bit to take in before you go off to beat the dealers at their own game. though the play is simple to bet on, the casino will always have the upper hand when it comes to the odds of winning. Throughout this first section, we are going to be discussing some of the insights into how blackjack is available online and what you should be wary of. Later, we will discuss more of the tips and the technical strategy play that will help any new and experienced player at the table.

Playing Blackjack inside the casinos online

If you thought that playing cards online was going to be basic, then let us enlighten you on the real facts of what you will face when you sign up to play blackjack inside any of the casinos online. Casino games are built to help the casino profit, this is old news.

There are two ways you can play blackjack online and that is through virtual machines and through live streamed games. When picking virtual machines, it would be beneficial for you to know how they are made and how they work. This being our first tip to give you a bigger understanding of what you will face.

The virtual machines are built with algorithms that determine when the game will payout. One algorithm, the RTP, bases the payout on what percentage of money has been paid into the machine. The other program is the RNG which is a random number generator that bases the payout purely on chance.

If playing an RTP machine, you want to pick one that players are using all the time, that way the percentage of payout remains high. The less action an RTP machine sees the longer it will take to produce profit for a player.

When it comes to the RNG, you again, need to be sure that the machine is commonly used by members of the casino, so those random triggers are hit more often whilst playing.

These algorithms are the same for any virtual game whether it be online or on the Las Vegas strip.

Live dealer blackjack tables

For many players, this is the best form of blackjack online. This is as real an experience as you are going to get in the modern digital age. The rules are the same as they would be in a land-based casino and online, just like the machines, you have access to many variants of the blackjack game. Our tip here would be, that if you are looking to play this card game at its fairest level, then your focus should be playing in these areas of the casino.

When it comes to variant tables, it is worth looking around for those that give you a good return on the rules. For example, when it comes to making a split, usually you should have matching card values, some variants of blackjack exist where this move can be done with any pair of cards. These little things will help you to gain better odds and win more.

Reminder of the rule of play

During blackjack, your task to reach a total score of 21 can be helped by a number of betting moves. So, here is a recap of them should you have skipped our previous articles on how to play blackjack.

  1. Double Down: Increase your betting wager with a double down move and receive an additional card.
  2. Hit: Asking the dealer for a hit gives you extra cards to get closer to 21.
  3. Stand: Happy with your cards, you make no further moves and allow the dealer to reveal their hand.
  4. Split: If you have matching card values, you can split them to form new hands. You then hit on each new had to effectively play 2 hands against the dealer’s 1 hand.
  5. Surrender: If you are not confident of your cards, you can surrender the game, effectively losing half your wager.
  6. Insurance: The insurance move can only be played if the dealer’s first card is an ace. This move produces a bet that is only half the initial amount.

Basic tips and strategies for blackjack

Now, there are many tips that circulate online, whether it's how you approach a move if you have a soft hand, what to split, when to double down, what to do if you have a hard hand and so on. Pretty much all the tips you get are of zero use when it comes to playing virtual games of blackjack. The machine will pay out the money when it sees fit, regardless of what you do. Plus, there are many tips that are on the Internet that can only be utilized during real play inside of land-based casinos. What follows are strategic moves that will work for live online blackjack.

1. Liberal playing rules

As mentioned earlier, there are table options that allow for alternative betting rules. Take your time to scout through the many tables there are. Find tables that pay when a blackjack is 3/2 and avoid those where they pay 6/5 blackjack. Other options include where the dealer has to stand when they land a soft 17 and where players can double down on any cards in their hand. Some tables will also note the number of decks being used. The fewer decks the better, this means a single deck or double deck, don’t play higher than this.

2. Learn the basics first

Once at the table, this shouldn’t be a guessing game. this is about the maths and the percentages. Just like playing poker, you need to be a step ahead, even from the point of being dealt with the first set of cards.

There are many free online blackjack games you can play, and they can be found on our site. From these games, you should learn to budget your money, become familiar with the basic rules and test which variants of the blackjack game you prefer. It’s perhaps the best strategy going, and it is where all professional start. So, take your time, there is no rush to learn the card game.

3. Strategy cards

Though known in the business as cheat sheets (refer to our article on blackjack cheat sheets for more information.)

These ‘strategy cards’ help you to perform your moves better, fully legal to use and can help lower the advantage of the house edge on the game. Seeing as card counting is of little use in a casino, this is by far the easier way to ‘cheat’ your way to winning more often against the house.

4. Insurance isn’t always an assurance

If you’re going to play, then always stand if you think your cards are too weak. Try not to fall into the Las Vegas trap of being negative, the dealer can go bust too. Many consider it a sucker bet, it depletes your bankroll faster if you rely on it too much and even if the dealer offers you money should you have a total of 21, then decline it.

5. Be realistic during open play

The ace strategy in any online game is self-management, knowing how much to bet and playing to what you can afford to lose. Don’t go gung-ho on your bets if your bankroll isn’t high. Play at a table that suits your skill level and budgeting level.

6. Boosting your bankroll

To be in profit, you have to be in the game for the long-haul. Because of this, you need additional funds. Here you can count on bonus offers, the aces in the hole are plentiful inside gambling sites. Your first taste of them can come about from a welcome bonus. Rewards that hand you additional money to bet with. These player perks will allow you to play longer games and what you win you get to keep. Simple and basic.

Taking your first steps at the table

Your approach to blackjack should be methodical, as it would be if you were engaging in a game of poker. Don’t be over-confident, be calculated and don’t set the expectations too high as you become familiar with the game.

Making the best of any situation

There are always ways out of a tricky situation, but many first-time players tend to over-look the options or have still not approached the game with the right amount of knowledge needed. Most beginners think that by making a split that you are somehow guaranteed better odds of winning. The rule of double down on eleven is popular but it is not always a guaranteed hit.

Other practical methods

With counting cards out of the window and should you not have a cheat sheet to hand, the only other saving grace would be to use either the Martingale method or the Pirlo system. You can find more information on these systems within our guide. They will help you make safer bets and make better use of your aces to get you out of any decline in performance and help build your profits back to an even level.


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