How to Win at Blackjack – Dealing Out the Best Strategies


For every player, winning comes first, even before taking part. Once you have stepped into the domain of a casino, money is instantly on the mind. Here, as part of our games guide, we look at the blackjack chart on how to win in a game of blackjack whilst playing online.

Looking at the strategies to help you win in Blackjack

Blackjack is the king of card games and since its creation players over centuries have tried to master their own strategy to gain the upper hand over the dealer and the casino. So, what is the best approach and system to incorporate into one’s game to gain successful wins and returns? The basic playing strategy comes by combining certain rules no matter what is dealt at the table. There are rules that deal with the mathematics of the cards used and the moves that are available in open play.

The foundations of the game

Before we get into the nitty-gritty part of this guide. Let us remind ourselves of the card game at its basic level. This entails the moves that are available when you place a bet, and this works for all the variants of the blackjack game that are found throughout all the casinos online.

  • Hit: In this move, you will be requesting another card to boost your total but trying not to go bust by going beyond the total of 21.
  • Stand: Once you have received your two initial cards dealt from the deck and feel happy with your hand, by standing, the dealer can then reveal their hand.
  • Double Down: With this move, a player can double the betting amount and earn an extra card. After that, they must stand.
  • Split: if you have two match cards of the same value, you can split them to form two separate hands. The advantage of this is that you have two attempts of winning against the dealer. Once you have your two hands, you can hit on each one.
  • Surrender: If you feel the hand you have is likely to lose the option of surrendering will only cost half of your initial bet.
  • Insurance: This move is only applicable if the dealer’s up card is revealed to be an ace. At this point, you can take out insurance on the game, which is half of the original bet put down. The insurance move is essentially betting that the dealer will win, thus sparing your money.

Note: More insight on this can be found looking at our blackjack cheat sheet that can help you with virtual games and live games within the casino.

More on the dealer’s hand in Blackjack

The first point of contention, if you are planning to start counting cards, is that it's impossible to know how many decks are being used. If you want to learn a strategy that helps in the long run, then the blackjack cheat sheet offered in our other article is going to be the best bet and you can count on it because many players use this all the time to help bend the rules and better your odds over the house edge when placing your bets.

💥 When it comes to the dealer’s hand, here are the fallouts of what can happen.

  • If you go bust or surrender, the dealer wins.
  • If the dealer is closer to 21 than you, they will also win.
  • If the dealer lands a total of 16 or less, they must hit.
  • Should the dealer has 18 or more, they my stand.
  • If they have a hard 17, they must also stand.
  • If the dealer receives a soft 17, they have to hit.

💥 What is meant by soft and hard hands in blackjack?

A soft hand is formed by having an Ace card in the hand, which cannot go bust if obtaining a single hit because the value is both one and eleven. The hard hand is the opposite, riskier, thusly, why it is called hard, with the absence of the ace.

Currently, the best ways to win at Blackjack

When it comes to playing any game in the casino, the player is always looking to win against the house edge that presides over all games. Professional players and experts will know of the systems to avoid losing their own bankroll and remain in the game for the long run. For a beginner or less well-experienced player, there are a number of helpful ways to increase your odds of winning and prolong your own bankroll of money inside the casinos online. Here are the best ways to boost your gameplay currently used by elite players of the blackjack world.

💥 Professional ways to win at the Blackjack table

  1. Playing at tables to suit your bankroll. There is a huge air of thrill when seeing VIP tables and high-stake tables, but if you are new to the online game, don’t play out of your depth. Most players will start with virtual blackjack machines. From them, you can learn the rules, take your time and find your own winning system and strategy to take you further into more ‘professional’ settings.
  2. Split the Aces and Eights. As noted in the blackjack cheat sheet, it is an almost sacred rule to split aces and eights as it is the likeliest of ways to make a profit from your bets.
  3. Soft 17 on dealer. There are many variants to Blackjack, but if you can seek tables that make it rule for the dealer to stand on a soft 17, it will be a great advantage to you and your bankroll. This is mainly because it reduces the house edge even further.
  4. Stand if there is a risk of going bust. If you have a weak hand and the dealer’s face up card consists of lower values, then they are in a better position to win. If for example, you have a card of 10 and 2, then theoretically, there is a 70% chance of improving your hand, but 30% of going bust. Put the pressure on the dealer to go bust and lose, if the risk is not worth taking.
  5. Double down tables. The double down move is saved for matching cards, but some variants of the game allow you to double down on any set of cards from the deck. This lowers the edge and boosts your ratio of winning.
  6. Ace in the hole. It is basically blackjack law that if the dealer’s cards show a six or 5 that you double down if you have an ace unless you have a soft 19 or 20.
  7. Go into the game with a strategy. As mentioned, card counting is not something you can actually count on working. It is entirely unknown how many decks are used within a game, so you need to think differently. You can observe more talk on this within our other articles, but a player must have a clear approach to a game, from knowing the stats and percentages, through to knowing how to budget their money.
  8. Know your limits. Before you play, know what you can afford to lose and what you can afford to bet. Self-management is key if you hit a losing streak, and you will from time to time, then stop, you can always try again later or the next day.
  9. Betting Strategy. There are many rules in the game of what to do and not do, but two of the most helpful are the Martingale system and the Paroli Play. They are both used by professional players to recover loses and retain marginal profits during play at the online table. More on these player moves can be found inside our further articles on casino blackjack.

Betting patterns during Blackjack

Many, many new players will approach the game with caution and playing with the same values for each of the bets is no bad thing. However, as you start to win more and begin to learn your own approach to the blackjack table, then you may wish to alternate and change the pattern of how you make your bets. Most incorporate the system of taking advantage of winning bets and using those opportune moments to increase the total you put down on your hand.

💥 Steady your approach

Blackjack is a game that demands patience. If you want to walk away with a big win, then all the small ones take time to add up. This means counting your losses, knowing the basic techniques and not going outside of their rules. It takes the best to survive any losing streak and to still be in the game for the long haul.

Here are some important rules on mistakes you should be trying to avoid.
  1. The basic card play rules are the same for variants of the card game but do make sure of the rules if you play any variant away from the traditional form of blackjack in the casinos.
  2. Play with a clear mind, remove all distractions and focus on the profit margins and what you can and cannot spend.
  3. Your gut feeling is usually right but don’t start assuming that you have some right to win because of how many games you have played or how well you think you know the table you are at. So, know when to quit, especially whilst you are ahead.
  4. Don’t count cards. All live tables have multiple decks in play and will be changed and random during a session.
  5. Don’t pass on the opportunity of claiming a casino bonus. Double your bankroll and better your stance on the game by taking these available offers. It’s far better to play with some financial clout and improving your odds of winning with it.

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