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How to choose the best seat at the blackjack table

There are many strategies that allow players to maximize their chances of winning at blackjack. Unfortunately, these strategies are often extremely complicated to master and require countless hours of practice. According to some players, the overall strategy is not based solely on the art of card counting with many claiming that your seating position at the blackjack table can hugely influence your chances of beating the dealer. Let’s examine the possibilities and see if there is actually an advantage to choosing a certain seat at the table or whether it’s just another one of blackjacks numerous myths and legends.

Superstition or tactical advantage?

Blackjack is played on a table with 7 seats. Some players avoid the position just before the dealer, the seat to the far left of the table known as “third base”. Believe it or not, some players think that this seat is responsible for the cards drawn by the dealer and therefore influences the chance of winning for the entire table. Starting to sound a little over superstitious?

Many players recommended the seat directly in the middle of the blackjack table. Now at this seat there can be an advantage because players are able to abuse the front loading method, a tactic of slouching at the table in order to catch a glimpse of the dealer's down card when it’s placed under the open card. Other players meanwhile advocate the use of first or third base, the seats to the far right and far left of the dealer when attempting to use the front loading tactic as they believe you can achieve the same result albeit from different angles of view with less risk of anyone noticing what you are doing.

Is there really such thing as a best seat?

Examining the first tactic where players avoid third base in more detail we can see the reasoning behind this tactic is not based on any tangible strategy or hard evidence but purely on superstition. Obviously a player is not responsible for any cards drawn by the dealer and definitely as a result cannot influence whether the entire table wins or loses. Cards are drawn from a shoe after being shuffled so the order of the draw therefore is based entirely upon chance.

There is an element of truth attached to the second seating tactic which enables players to use the front loading method. The position in front or on either side of the dealer can help you see the dealer's hole card and increase your chances of winning if the dealer makes a mistake when handling his card, but believe us when we say that this is an extremely rare occurrence and not something that can be used consistently as a sound strategy.

Hopefully from this you can come to the same conclusion as us, that the best location on a blackjack table is a myth based on either superstitious theories or totally inconsistent strategies and that there is no real advantage to be gained from seating position at a blackjack table. Whatever you do, do not wait for that supposed best place or sweet spot to come up in order to start playing at a blackjack table, our best advice is to have a simple and sound strategy, pray that a little bit of luck is on your side and go for it!

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