Blackjack Calculator – Time to Nerd Out Your Wins

Here, with our online blackjack guide, we present to you the blackjack calculator. Not the most popular or well-known area of blackjack, but if this is new to you, then you may have stumbled across something very special to incorporate into your strategy of play.

Presenting the calculator that’s more casino rather than casio

Success comes from learning the craft you’re taking part in, diligently pushing yourself and the passion as far as it can possibly go. It takes years to become a master of any task and hobby. Playing casino games is absolutely no different. When it comes to card games, people can spend a lifetime obsessing over the finer details to perfect their game. This all leads to strategy and finding the best route to success within the confines of the rules. Can advantage be taken from the house edge over the table?

Calculate your obsession with Blackjack

When it comes to blackjack, it is easily one of the most played game of cards inside the casinos online. The probability is that you’ve heard about blackjack more than you’ve played it. It is indeed a basic gambling option amongst the fleet of games available. Players will be able to experience a number of variants of the feature, where they can play live dealer tables and virtual machines.

The player plays against the dealer in blackjack rather than against other players, so if you find yourself on a table with others, then your focus is beating the house and not them.

During the game, if you are not yet aware, the goal of the dealer and player is to hit a total (or close to as possible) sum of 21. If going over this hand score, you go bust and those in that situation lose. So, what the hell does all this have to do with a blackjack calculator and what even is a blackjack calculator?

The Blackjack calculator

The tool plays a pivotal role when it comes to side betting in blackjack. Some, but not all, variants of the game have the side bet feature so bear that in mind when using the calculator. It works very much as the blackjack cheat sheet does during the principle game, telling you when to split, double down, hit and stand. So, it is there on hand to give you the basic rules of play that will come about when entering the information of hands that have been drawn from the deck in any one given game.

Tools like these work wonders given that counting cards doesn’t work in the online casino realm, given that it is unknown how many decks are played with. Though some virtual blackjack games will denote if the table is a single deck shoe or one with multiple decks.

The calculator is not a tool you need to buy as it is readily available as a free piece of software online. For it to work out your hands for you and start playing with the advantage of its calculations, you only need to enter:

  • The number of decks being used - if known
  • What the first dealer card is and what you have been dealt
  • On more advanced systems, you can add the rules for the soft 17, rules for the double down, rule for the split, rules for the surrender and rule regarding the dealer, as it can be subjective to the type of variant you play.

The tool is effective, and a lot of users stay with it because of the data coming off it that allows you to build your own strategy. The fun situation is that it is not against any rules to use it. Does it better the odds of winning? Well, no you can’t change the default odds of the house edge over the table.

Adapting the tool into your game

The blackjack card game is a thing of beauty, you can split cards to help beat the dealer, a player can double down on any hand and the casino hold a number of variations of the game, that players are able to find something new. There are games that offer multiple deck play and it comes with the most basic rules of any online casino game, just hit to get as close to a total of 21 and you win. The encouragement to use technology like the calculator adds a new dynamic to the table seeing as card counting is something that won’t work regardless of the rules within the game.

💥 Why use the Blackjack tool if the game is based on luck?

The blackjack calc’ is a player’s aid, no question of that. If you are new to the card game, then note this is the best of all games played with cards because the advantage of the casino and any variant of the blackjack game is 1.48%, which in laymen’s terms is very good for a card game.

When looking at the game though, the question can be raised that if the card game is pure luck on the player and casino because it is almost 50/50 either way, why would a tool like this be needed as a strategical option whilst gambling online? Having the option there is slightly odd and will be for more experienced players that may be new to the system.

The answer would be that this is more a tool to learn with than something that is a strategy to over dominate the casinos out there in the online world. For new players, there is a distinct advantage having this to hand.

The probability that it will increase their wins is high. It will help the player to read the games they take part in. if they are looking to play blackjack live with a dealer then this blackjack tool will most certainly be needed. It’s perfect to use if you are just learning the rules of blackjack, so it will be of benefit to use whilst playing to make sure no bet is truly wasted on the insurance bet option which is a wasted bet in the eyes of blackjack professionals and experts.


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