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Interview Exclusive: Words from our Expert

We know how important it is for people who study and play casino games to gain insight into different aspects of the games from a specialist in the field. Here at Casino Bonuses, we understand how valuable this can be to new and seasoned players so were giving the floor to our blackjack expert to allow you a glimpse into the world of professional blackjack. Who is he? What drives his passion? You needn’t wait any longer, read on and discover the truth about our resident expert.

Who are you and what defines you?

I guess what defines me in the first place is above all my passion for blackjack. To answer your question honestly, I would say that I am a fan of blackjack and that through hard work plus many hours of training and playing I became a professional player who now has the luxury of living his dreams.

How did you discover your passion for blackjack?

Like many fans, my love for blackjack comes from my parents, especially my father. He was the proud owner of a small casino in Manchester, England. On Tuesday afternoons, instead of playing football or getting into trouble like the rest of my friends, I spent my hours exploring the casino, watching the players and the dealers and learning more about the different games offered at the tables. Blackjack quickly became my favorite game. Though my father never allowed me to sit down at a blackjack table during opening hours given my young age, when the casino closed its doors, the dealers and sometimes my father taught me the basics of the beautiful game that is blackjack. With their guidance and training I quickly became a very accomplished player and I came of age, I really felt I was ready to face the dealers of the most prestigious casinos in the world.

What is your best memory from your professional career?

I have many ... but I think the best one is from my trip to Macau in China. If you're a fan of Gambling and you do not know Macau, then I urge you to go there. Now I chose the prestigious Grand Lisboa as my first experience of Asian blackjack. This casino has the advantage of offering the highest limits available in the country and in respect to the winnings, let’s just say I was not disappointed with the outcome of the trip. I used the money I earned to make my way round multiple casinos, becoming a success in Singapore as well as many other countries. What is really wonderful when you play abroad, it is that you meet other enthusiasts from around the world from whom you can learn a lot about your craft because everybody views their passion differently.

You are an accomplished player, so what still motivates you today?

Overcoming many stereotypes in blackjack and I guess bringing my professional playing experience to lovers of the game. I hate it when players negatively influence other players with bad strategies that just do not work. I try to bring a positive approach to the game. My biggest piece of advice is to remember that Rome was not built in a day, so you will need to put in the hours to master the strategies used by professional players and that to become truly successful takes patience, passion and above all perseverance.

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