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Frequently asked questions about blackjack

In this article you will find a selection of frequently asked questions that blackjack players are most likely to ask about the game. These questions apply to both types of blackjack in land based and online casinos.

Where is the position called "third base" situated at a gaming table and what are its benefits?

"Third base" means the seat to the right of the dealer. This is the last player at the table to make a decision on a hand during a game in a land based casino. This seat can be a real advantage when card counting. Indeed, the player sitting in this place has more time to count the cards dealt by the dealer to the different players. This position is a big advantage for experienced players.

What does it mean when the dealer "draw’s out"?

To ‘draw out’ means taking a new card in blackjack terminology. When the dealer "draws out", that means he draws a card, either for himself or a player who requests to be ‘hit’

Why does the dealer ask if I want ‘insurance’ when I have a blackjack and he shows me an ace?

The dealer will ask you if you want to buy insurance to protect your own blackjack. If you do not take insurance and the dealer also reveals a blackjack, you will receive nothing for your winning hand. Take out insurance if and only if you have a blackjack. You will earn back the amount of your original bet.

What is the real purpose of the cut card?

The cut card indicates to the dealer when he must change cards. The location of the card in the deck is known as the penetration rate. There are two. The first is usually at 50%, when the cutting unit is placed at the half way mark of a shoe, and the second is at 75% when the card is placed at the ¾ mark of the shoe.

If I play blackjack online and the live dealer makes a mistake, what can I do?

Whenever possible, you should try to take a screen capture before the next hand is dealt. Then you need to contact the customer service department of the online casino and explain the problem, presenting the screenshot as evidence. If the casino accepts that a mistake has been made, you will be compensated accordingly.

Is it possible to see the card of the dealer that’s hidden in an online game?

In a standard game of online blackjack it’s not possible to see the hidden card of the dealer during a virtual game. However, if you play one of the many variants of blackjack, there is the possibility you will be able to see the hole card of the dealer if it’s a feature of that variant.

How do I deal with bad players at the table?

When you play blackjack in a real casino, the probability of being able to avoid the bad players at your table is not always in your favor. If you find yourself at a table with one of these players, the best course of action is to simply change tables. In fact, most casinos have several blackjack tables. So do not waste your time on a table where your concentration will be affected by the behavior of other players.

Am I entitled to hold my own cards at the blackjack table?

When using double-deck, the player has the opportunity to touch their cards, however if the game employs multiple decks of cards it is not possible. One of the major reasons being that casinos do not allow players to touch the cards as they may mark them to identify them.

Do I pay taxes on my winnings in a game of blackjack?

In reality you are responsible for the gains you generate by playing blackjack, so you have to pay tax on the money that you earn. Likewise however, you can also deduct your losses. If you do not make very significant gains at a blackjack table, it is very unlikely to be followed up by the casino.

Am I allowed to use my mobile phone while at the blackjack table?

The use of mobile phones is not permitted by casinos for the simple reason that you should have no contact outside the game table itself. An accomplice could very well be placed behind the dealer and unveil the cards that he has to you.

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