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Blackjack - A Glossary of Blackjack Terms to Help Your Game

When entering a casino, one of the scariest prospects during the whole experience is learning all the jargon associated with all the different games and this is certainly also true for Blackjack. Casino Bonuses guides you through this perilous casino landscape: it would be only right to teach you the lingo to better equip you with the necessary tools to feel comfortable in the casino setting. So whether you want to just survive or you have plans of winning big, we have the solution to all your gaming language and jargon needs, and you don’t need a degree in language to decipher them anymore, yes, you guessed it, we bring you a glossary of terms for blackjack!

Anchor - This is the player to the right of the dealer/croupier at a table game.

Bankroll - The amount of money the player has to play with.

Back-count - Someone who sits behind a card table to count the cards played during the game in order to relay this information to someone playing at the table.

Break or Bust – When the combined value of your cards exceeds 21 points.

Burn Card - The card the dealer discards after each shuffle during the card game. Typically these cards are not revealed by the dealer.

Card Counting - The method of counting and remembering cards that have already been in play to try guess the remaining cards in the deck.

Complementary or Comp - This term refers to the bonus that land based or online casinos make available to their players.

Counter - A person who counts cards.

Dealer - English term for a croupier.

Draw - The act of being dealt a new card.

Face Cards - The term used to describe the Jack, Queen and King of any suit.

Face Down - This term refers to a card that is dealt without anyone being able to see its value except the player that it’s dealt to.

First Base - The player sitting to the left of the dealer at a table game.

Flat Bet - The action of playing hand after hand without changing the value of the bet.

Front loading - A strategy which consists of trying to catch a glimpse of the dealer’s hidden card by slouching at the middle seat of a blackjack table.

Gorilla Big Player or GBP - This refers to a player who relies on someone external to the game to count cards and indicate to them (the gorilla) when to bet.

Heads on or Heads up - A game is played head to head with the dealer.

House Percentage - The casino interest rates.

Natural Blackjack - This term is used when the first two cards a player receives add up to 21 points.

Pair - This term is used when the first two cards of a player are identical.

Preferential Shuffling - Action of mixing the remaining cards when there is a chance that they might be too favorable for players.

Push - The term used when a game ends in a tie between the dealer and players. All bets are refunded at this point.

Shoe - This term refers to the box in which card decks are stored. The system allows the dealer to distribute one card at a time.

Stand or Stay - The action of refusing an additional card.

Tell or tells - In blackjack this refers to the action of observing the gestures and expressions of the dealer to gain information about what type of hand they have.

Up card - This is the dealer’s first card and is dealt face up so it can be seen.

Whale - This refers to the player at the table who bets very large sums of money.

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