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martingale blackjack |Is the martingale betting method 100% reliable?

For a regular or seasoned casino player it is pretty normal to try out different techniques and strategies to help them win. In blackjack this is no exception and as with all games there are many strategies, some more relevant than others, to experiment with.

Today the one that we’ll be looking at is called “the martingale method”. This method, which originated in 18th century France is also used at the roulette table and is based on statistics and mathematical odds. So what is this technique? How is it used? And, ultimately does it make sense to use it? Here at Casino Bonuses we have the answers for you, so make yourself comfortable and continue reading.

How the martingale method works

The martingale method works on the principle that when a series of events show the same results then the odds in favor of a different result will be higher in the next play. For example you would start a game betting one unit and then double the unit on each subsequent bet you lose until the point that you win. This way the player continues to double the amount of the bet from the first hand until he wins and recovers all the units he had previously lost, plus one unit.

Let us illustrate this in regards to blackjack. We start the game betting $5, you lose the hand so you would double the bet to $10 on the next hand. If you lose this hand you would double the bet again to $20 then $40, $80 and so on until you win. So for instance you apply the method and in this hand you win 80, this means that you have only lost $75 which is a gain of $5.

Is the martingale method actually reliable?

Although on the surface this might seem like a reliable technique, it does have some considerable limitations when you look at it in depth. Firstly it is based on false probability, in the sense that just because one series of events shows one particular outcome, it is not guaranteed that that the results will be the same next time or indeed ever again. A dealer or player could technically win every hand in a game of blackjack. It is a game of chance after all and has many variables including what cards are drawn and who receives them.

Secondly the technique can be impossible to use at some blackjack tables because of betting limits imposed at that particular table. Lastly, using this method will almost always result in only winning small amounts of profit because each time you win you are recouping previous losses with the only profit being the amount of the initial bet.

Who really wins using the martingale method?

If were being totally honest here the real winner in the long run will always be the casino themselves. If this was not the case you can safely bet your house on the fact it would be illegal to use the method at the blackjack or roulette tables. The method gives the player a false impression of winning big and as a result they double their bets without careful consideration. Even if you have the hottest winning streak in history at that moment, statistically it is not guaranteed that you will have the same outcome next time or indeed ever again.

So next time you play blackjack in the casino or online and think about using the martingale method take our advice and keep this age old adage in mind: “The more you play, the more you lose”

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