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Blackjack: Myths and Legends

Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most famous casino games of all time and this fact is reinforced by its repeated appearance throughout popular culture over the years. Countless books, magazines, TV shows and films have included blackjack as part of their narratives and for good reason. Its popularity is in part due to the myths and legends that have surrounded the game since its inception, some which contribute positively to the culture and experience of the game but also some which have a negative impact, especially when newer blackjack players take them for gospel.

We know that this topic is always going to be one of interest to our readers so here at Casino Bonuses were going to take a look at the 4 most popular myths and legends surrounding the popular casino game of blackjack.

Seating position is an advantage

When playing blackjack you are seated around the dealer at one of 7 available seats. The most common myth is that to gain an advantage in the game you must be seated at the head of the table. If this were true then casinos would’ve invented a rule to make sure that it was not possible to gain an advantage in this way. The only instance in which seating position could possibly be an advantage is when you’re using the technique of “front loading” to try to catch a glimpse of the dealers down card. Please note that if you were able to achieve this then you are very lucky as it is extremely rare that a dealer would make this kind of mistake.

It’s a bad luck to use a brand new set of cards

Recently we heard of a story where a player complained to casino management because the dealer had used a completely new deck of cards during his game. The player directly attributed this action as the reason why his current winning streak came to an abrupt end. This really is a strange claim and one that we can safely file under ‘S’ for superstitious nonsense. After some research we found that this was not an isolated case and that in fact it was one of the more common excuses heard when players luck starts to run out.

The martingale method is 100% secure

The martingale method is a system of betting used by roulette players that can be applied to blackjack. It involves doubling the bet each time you lose a hand so that eventually when you win you recoup your loses plus a small profit. The problem with this method is that it’s highly probable you will not see the same results consistently thus the only winner long term will be the casino itself.

Card counting is illegal

Contrary to popular belief, card counting is not actually illegal though casino operators will do everything in their power to deter you and it is prohibited by the casino operators themselves even if it isn’t against the law. One of the most effective ways of combating it has been to never dispel the myth that it’s illegal in the first place. Today, in casinos worldwide, there are still individuals throwing caution to the wind and attempting to count cards when this is a prohibited practice and also some who openly discuss the fact. Just remember that if you get caught counting cards it’s a sure fire way of getting a lifetime ban from that particular casino.

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