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Blackjack: Player profiles

Blackjack attracts a certain type of player. There are those who regularly visit casino halls and are well known among the inner circle of players and fans alike. There are also those players who just can’t resist a good old fashioned game of Craps and others who will dig deep into their wallets to have one last chance to win big on the slot machines. It is evident that there is a great variety of styles and behaviours found in players who entertain themselves in the conventional establishments in this day and age but what about blackjack players? Read on to gain an insight into the types of players that can be seen sitting at the blackjack tables around the world.

‘Hall of Fame’ Players

Certain professional players have played a key role in the history of blackjack. Here it’s not about movie stars or pop singers, blackjack is a card game par excellence and has its own ‘Hall of Fame’, literally the pantheon of the greatest and most influential players. The players who gain entry into the hall of fame every year are experts who excel at the game and have also contributed to it culturally. They are the types of player that were initially so intrigued by the culture and the history of the game in general that they were literally seduced by it and went onto win some of the most prestigious tournaments around the globe, securing their induction into the prestigious Blackjack ‘Hall of Fame’.

The Statistical Players

A legend in his own right, the Godfather of card counting Edward O. Thorp is a regular figure at key Blackjack events. He is an individual who happens to be passionate about mathematics, is an expert at counting cards and wrote a book in the 1960’s which changed the game of blackjack forever. He possesses a phenomenal memory, loves statistics and is a good example of a true statistical player.

The statistical player is quite good at calculating probabilities and is also quite capable of inventing their own game techniques and implementing them during play. It is worth keeping an eye on such players because they tend to be the ones who redefine the game from time to time, just as Thorp did back in the 60’s.

The Bold Players

Players who take considerably great risks are generally those who are the most feared. They play aggressively, with lots of determination and yet never seem vulnerable. They are the type of player that has no fear placing large bets and love provoking their opponents into making mistakes. They are without a doubt, players who are passionately devoted to blackjack. The only downside is that they can be careless and occasionally take risks which may sometimes result in losing the match. Overall they can be the most fun to watch as a spectator.

The Observant Players

Possessing a quite unorthodox technique, the observant player is happy to watch the table without betting or calculating probabilities. Once the latter become favourable, they take the initiative to participate in the game and finally place their bets. However, players belonging to this category are becoming rarer and rarer due to conventional casinos introducing rules which prohibit this in order to eradicate this type of play. Generally it’s considered a casino faux pas and can be seen as very disrespectful to the game and other players as this playing style acts directly against the ideas and principles of fair play.

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