When to Bet in Blackjack – Learn the Approach to Winning

when to bet in blackjack

If you’re looking to beat the dealer in a simple game of blackjack, then a top "how to play blackjack" is knowing when to bet in blackjack. Here we look at the strategy to gain the advantage of the game over the dealer, in both live casino tables and virtual games.

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Cut the risks and increase the rewards with Blackjack

As a first-time player, you may not know too much about the actual game. We have plenty of articles on hand to help you with this, but here we are discussing the betting side of the card game, teaching you when it’s the right time to bet on the cards you have and when it is the right time to alternate your moves at the casino table.

Players that are new to the game will play going through the motions to win at the table. Playing at a professional or more advanced level than when you start goes beyond this and mastering the techniques will boost your total return inside the casinos you join to win real money from.

Why strategies exist beyond normal play

If you’re seeking out that winning a total of 21, then the odds are already against you with the house edge. Be that it may, this is still the most favorable game in the casino. There are already options within the game to battle this with insurance betting. There are moves to also advance your edge with betting on split moves, double down moves and by having the nuance to bet tactically. With this article is all about, your ace up the sleeve.

So, what are the rules for these strategical bets? How can you win more than you lose?

Well, the hands you are dealt cannot be changed, there is no strategy to better your chances when you face the dealer or virtual machine, card counting is not something you can count on in the online world of gambling. Winning is about forming a system, one that is best to keep you in the game for as long as possible. A good system that keeps the chips on your side of the table and not in the hands of the dealer.

Though card counting will hit a few wins in Vegas in the game’s original form, playing online is all about knowing how the games are built, especially in the virtual machine sense. In the following section, we take a look at how you should bet as a player that is looking to stand against the virtual machines. The rules are basic, and you will win more than you do going bust. After we discuss how to spend your time making the right wager in live dealer games.

Betting correctly during virtual blackjack games

For many new players, the virtual machines will be the testing ground that opens the door to online blackjack. A player can access many forms and variants of the game in its virtual mode. A casino can hold as many as 15 different blackjack options to play, yet the rules are very much the same from one option to the next. The betting strategy goes beyond the table and cards themselves.

We are now going to hand you total clarity on how developers for casinos make their games and when you come to play them, you be able to double the number of times you win at the table by making sensible bets that are within the rules of playing for real money.

💥 Becoming a better virtual blackjack player

When it comes to playing virtual blackjack, there is one golden rule to know when to bet and that simply comes down to picking the most popular game. This rule is important because it comes down to the facts of how the games are made, and the more popular they are, the higher your chances are of a return.

Winning on a virtual machine is not about what cards you are dealt to make your hands, of what the house edge is. It is about getting the best machines that are built to payout because of how they are built for the casinos.

💥 Keep in mind

Original casino machines are built using RTP algorithms, these transcended into the blackjack games online. The odds of winning are determined by how much money has already been put into the game by you and other players around the world using the playing the same game. This is done so only through those which are more popular, it’s your best bet for a payout.

During a virtual game, the actions are already pre-determined, payouts are based on the money going into the machines, so even if you form a split or make a stand and win, it wasn’t through any luck, it’s because it’s the right time for the machine to payout.

Okay, this may seem slightly disappointing that you have no real control over the games, but head to the menu and filter the games by popularity and you will be able to select the commonly played blackjack tables which are your ace in the hole.

This is total insurance play because you know that the system is on your side. You don’t need to know anything else as long as you have the most played tables at your disposal. Within the deck, there are going to be multiple wins. Each time you lose increase your bet. You will hit a profit of considerable difference within 20 deals.

You can alternate the chips you put down if you want to be savvy about it, but the basic principle is, the more money going in from your wager, the more the machine will payout. So, there is no need to card count or know the number of deck piles being used in the shoe. With a popular virtual blackjack table, your good to go and yes, there will be times you go bust, but that’s only because someone else playing the game won. If you face any of the less popular options, you will see your wins ratio decrease.

Next stop, playing the close to Vegas tables as you can get online!

Smarter bets for live dealer tables

Now, when you decide to play the cards of blackjack through a live streaming platform, the changes in play are dramatic. There are no algorithms determining the hand you get, or which player gets the better cards than others in a tournament. Betting in a live casino environment is as real as it comes when inside online casinos. So, what is the card strategy? How do you win more at the live table? Let us take a look at the rules for playing blackjack live and against the house dealers.

Getting your A-game inside live Blackjack platforms

There is a thin line between knowing and not knowing, should you split, should you surrender? Should you stand or double down? The margins are thin when it comes to making a move or deciding to hit. These margins and recognizing them early is what makes professional players the best at what they do from the moment a card is dealt from the deck.

The only obstacle you face in the game is whether you aim for a 21 total or as close to this value as possible, go bust and you lose, go for side bets and face higher risks despite bigger rewards. So, is there a good system to follow? What are the basic do’s and do not’s when face to face with the live dealer?

Well, let’s take a look at some scenarios to help explain when to bet in blackjack.

Should players always hit a soft 17? A soft 7 is an ace and a seven-card. Should you hit and you can revert the ace value of eleven back to a one. If you have a soft 18 to 21 then stand.

Should you hit on a total of 16? Regardless of what the dealer now has, your odds are the same in going bust, so it is advised that you stick in this scenario.

If the dealer draws a 10 card should the player hit on a 16? Theoretically, you stand more chance of winning if you stick should the dealer land a 10 on the opening deal.


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