Rules and Strategy

Winning a blackjack tournament

Sometimes, when an online casino announces a blackjack tournament, some players find themselves in two minds on whether to play or not. Could this be put down to fear of losing or misplaced trust with the tournament system? In reality you shouldn’t worry since online casinos provide competitions and tournaments at reasonable rates and the probability of winning generally remains the same. The only real difficulty for the player is making the transition between a game played against a dealer heads up and a tournament style of play which can involve hundreds or even thousands of participants.

Remember: The probabilities are similar

When playing blackjack, defeat is always followed by victory and vice versa, “you win some and you lose some” as they say. Whether you’re playing against an electronic dealer or participating in a tournament, the probabilities remain the same. Even though there may be several players around the same table, defeating the dealer is still always the goal.

In addition to this, the skills and knowledge that you’ve gained through reading our articles at Casino Bonuses still apply. You have a 50% chance of success so an adequate strategy would simply involve combining your existing knowledge with a playstyle adapted to the current game, for example using our basic strategy guide for blackjack to help you decide how to play each hand, in combination with a system of reducing your bet when you lose and increasing it when you win.

Avoid those bad tables

In a Blackjack tournament there can be, on occasion, the opportunity to choose the table you want to play at. In this situation it’s a good idea to survey all available tables in order to check out their payment percentages/structures and win frequencies if they provide real time stats to participants. In addition, if you find yourself losing session after session, you must be able to step away from the game in order to test the payment percentage for the table at which you are playing, even if you do not want to leave it initially. Always consider the fact that even if there are twenty tables available you should go from one to another if needs be in order to avoid losing and going home empty handed.

Check yourself: Keeping it real at all times

Despite all the mathematical theories which have been used to try to outsmart difficult casino games, blackjack is and will always remain a game of chance. It is important to keep a clear head and focus on the game, avoiding all temptation and making carefully weighted and informed decisions, reducing the number of mistakes you could potentially make by not acting irrationally.

Numerous players have lost considerable amounts of money in these circumstances, most of which they had already won during a game simply because they allowed their emotions to get the better of them at the blackjack table. There is no place for greed in a blackjack tournament, it is extremely counterproductive. Your aim should be positioning yourself as close as possible to the first place in the final rankings. In order to achieve this, you must above all avoid losing too much money in order to remain competitive in the long term.

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