Bonus Types

For years, players have continued to move in their thousands to playing at online casinos. This comes as no surprise since they have one huge advantage over land based casinos and that is the exciting range of bonuses that they offer. The fact is there are no land based casinos which offer extra cash in exchange for a deposit or signing up for membership. In this way, online casinos always retain the advantage over their more traditional counterparts.

In this day and age, bonuses are tailored to meet the needs of every type of player. So are you ready to increase your bankroll significantly? Below we’ve compiled a list of the types of bonuses you can get at an online casino, and if you click through each you can see our Top 10 picks for each bonus type and be safe in the knowledge that you can enhance your online casino experience immeasurably with our exclusive bonuses brought to you in conjunction with our trusted partner casinos.

Birthday bonuses

They come but once a year and on this special day, online casino operators like to reward you with a variety of bonuses dependant on the casino itself and software providers. This can be anything from free spins, to free reloads and on occasion a cash amount to play with via a no deposit bonus. It’s a fun incentive for playing at reputable online casinos. Imagine spinning the reels on your birthday for free and scooping a huge jackpot as a result, now that would be a great birthday present indeed!

Refer-a-Friend bonuses

In order to bring in more players, some online casinos offer what’s known as a refer-a-friend bonus. This literally means if you refer a friend by email or via a special link on the casinos website, in turn they sign up and deposit money into an online casino account, you will be rewarded with either a percentage of their first deposit or some other type of bonus like a certain amount in cash or some free spins or free time. These bonuses can be tiered dependant on how many players you refer over certain periods of time.

Game release bonuses

Upon the release of a new slot or other game variant, certain online casino operators, on occasion in conjunction with software providers, give a special tailor made bonus to celebrate the event. This can be one or a combination of different bonuses based on how the promotion is designed. It might be a one off for release day, or it may continue for a week or a month, but rarely any longer. The most common are free spins, a certain amount after deposit or even a no deposit cash freebie to play the new game in real money mode.

Exclusive Bonuses

Exclusive bonuses are bonuses that are better than the normal bonuses offered by online casinos. A good example would be a huge percentage of the bonuses that we offer here at Casino Bonuses Due to the large number of years we spent building a great network of trusted partner casinos, we are in the position to offer you exclusive bonuses not found anywhere else on the internet. In every case, these bonuses are larger in size and scope than the regular bonuses that you would get for signing up or depositing at an online casino.

No deposit bonuses

The name says it all – no deposit. These types of bonuses make it possible for you to play for free. The online casino provides you with a cash bonus immediately following registration so that you can play their games in real mode. These bonuses give you the opportunity to win real money, however they are rarely ever really huge sums, reaching only a few hundred dollars at a time. Many players make good use of these types of bonus to build up a bigger bankroll for serious play later on.

Free Spin bonuses

Free spins are one of the most common types of bonuses. They are directly linked to online slot machine games for the most part and can be offered both by the casino and the software developer. Free spin promotions are a great way of rewarding players or promoting new titles upon release. There have been many occasions where players have scooped big wins off the back of free spin bonuses, and it also allows you to build up some real cash to play other online casino games.

Free Time bonuses

We happen to be particularly fond of these bonuses due to the fact that they‘re often quite substantial, we’re talking about thousands of dollars per bonus where no deposits are required. Once activated, it prompts you to engage in a fast-paced game because you only have an hour (or a period determined in advance) to meet their conditions. In a nutshell, you get to play in real mode for free while still being able to win substantial amounts of cash.

Monthly Bonus

The monthly bonus is a reward that you receive if you are a regular player. In other words, you receive a bonus from the casino at which you are registered every month based on the total sum of deposits you have made during the previous month. As a result, the more deposits you make, the higher your monthly bonus will be. These types of bonuses are an important factor in retaining a loyal player base at an online casino.

High Roller Bonuses

High Roller bonuses are huge promotions aimed at players who make large deposits. They provide players with the opportunity to obtain huge cash injections, usually in the region of thousands of dollars. These types of bonuses are usually only available to recognised VIP’s, players who regularly and consistently bet or deposit huge sums of money at a particular online casino. There are usually other benefits that go alongside the High Roller bonuses as these types of players tend to receive a special package that includes the High Roller bonuses as well as other high value promotions.

Bonuses valid for specific games

Online casinos provide players with access to a variety of games such as video poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, online slots and many others. As these games are all different from each other, establishments have adapted their offers individually, designing custom bonus packages and making it possible to activate different promotions depending on which game the player is currently betting on. Some of these are very attractive in terms of extending your available bankroll.

Bonuses valid for specific software

Some players are diehard fans of games made by certain software developers. This is quite common and in response to this software developers started providing bonuses of their own tied in to the different games that they provide as a means of rewarding their loyal player base. They offer different types of promotions; welcome bonuses, bonus codes and deposit match bonuses to name a few. Some bonuses are even tied into the theme of a particular online slot, designed to match the content in an interesting or amusing way.


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