Bonuses: Overview

Over the years, studies have shown that over 50% of online casino players never start a game without having previously activated some kind of available bonus. At first, this figure can seem quite high but in reality it’s probably higher. Bonuses are a key element of online casino play, for many it’s what keeps them playing online rather than in land based casinos. Here at Casino Bonuses, we understand the bonus system inside and out so in our next article we will give you an overview.

What is a bonus?

A bonus or promotion is money, free credits and free spins that an online casino gives you in addition to any deposits that you make at the time or in some cases, without having to make a deposit at all.

When playing with a bonus, you inevitably increase your chance to win because either you keep your usual pace and have more free spins or extra bankroll with which to play longer, or you decide to increase the size of your bets, in which case when you do win, your profits will be significantly higher. So at this point, it’s good to point out that you gain an advantage by using bonuses from an online casino as long as you meet the bonus conditions set out by the casinos.

The biggest advantage of an online casino

A bonus will always attract players, more so if it’s incredibly large. Did you know that some casinos can offer up to $8000 on your first deposit? It’s reasonable to assume why but the bonus is, from the point of view of the casino, the most powerful marketing tool it has. Advertising large amounts on their homepages sees thousands of players flock to the particular online casinos for instance.

Some casinos try to counter this by offering very little in the way of bonuses but up the ante in other ways such as service and quality of games but this does very little in the way of bringing new customers because it’s not as powerful for the initial pull of a huge deposit bonus, and in most cases, the service and quality of games is exactly the same standard.

We’ve heard players say that bonuses are there to hide other inadequacies of the particular online casino. From our point of view, there is so little difference these days in terms of quality that you simply choose the ones you like with the biggest available bonuses and you’re set.

Terms and conditions that apply

As with everything in this day and age, there are also applicable terms and conditions attached to bonuses offered by an online casino. You must read these carefully because in most cases they affect the withdrawal process once you win using the bonus money or free spins. Make sure you do not get a nasty shock after winning a large sum of money, and protect yourself by reading all the applicable terms and conditions.


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