Caribbean Stud Poker – Our hot Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Caribbean stud is said to have been a casino game played since around the 1980’s and originated on the small island of Aruba which is part of the collection of islands known as the Antilles. Created by some hoteliers from the Holiday Inn group, it was played on board cruise ships while crossing the Caribbean Sea.

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Caribbean Stud Poker – The Simple Rules of Caribbean Stud and how it varies from other normal Poker games

At the time of its release, Caribbean stud poker attracted many new players when it first emerged and it comes as no surprise that this game has been added to online casino catalogues and continues to attract new online players in their droves.

In Caribbean Stud you play 1v1, the aim being to beat the dealer’s hand. A single deck of cards is used and both you and the dealer receive 5 cards from which you need to make the best possible hand. Once you’ve placed your ‘Ante’ (the initial bet) the dealer will check their cards to see if they qualify to play. If the cards qualify and you have a better hand than the dealer then you win the round collecting ‘even’ money on the original ante plus whatever the odds are for the strength of hand you display. In online casinos they have incorporated progressive jackpot play as part of the game for even more chances to win. To qualify for a chance to win the progressive jackpot you must be betting the maximum amount each round.

Strategies - So let us now take a quick look at Caribbean Stud Poker game play and how to manipulate it to win

In the literal sense there are very few workable strategies for Caribbean Stud, and this is mainly because it is still a game of chance. However the ones that do exist are very good in terms of easy workable solutions to help you manage your game. These tactics or strategies mainly involve betting systems or act as logic gates to help you decide on which hands to play. In this way you’re able to maximise your chances of beating the dealer on each hand.

Useful tips – A look at all the Tips and Tricks of Caribbean Stud Poker that can be used during the game

With Caribbean stud there are always ways to improve on your game plan. Even though you’re head to head against the dealer there are factors to consider while playing that can help you to determine the best possible course of action. In this variant you cannot exchange any cards so this is an important factor in the game. Bluffing doesn’t really work in this variant as it’s hard to deceive your opponent because it’s a straight game unlike the original. Things like understanding the many ways this variant differs from traditional poker, considering the effect that probabilities and the house edge have on your game, and also knowing when to bet and how much you should be betting on certain draws are the key things you need to think about when deciding on how to play Caribbean Stud poker


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