Rules and Strategy

caribbean stud strategy

In this article we will discuss 2 different strategies for Caribbean stud. You will be able to tell quite easily which one applies to you. Caribbean stud is a game where the house holds a strong advantage and you have to confront the dealer heads up 1 on 1. It’s a game of luck so consequently its rarely possible to predict what cards you will receive, short of having x-ray vision or a friend ‘spotting’ for you.

The high card tactic

The first strategy is quite simple and works as follows. If you have cards with a rank that’s inferior to a King or Ace, you fold. This means you can only play with these two cards, but you should adopt this strategy only in the case of a strong hand. In effect any pair, even a pair of twos, can win against a strong hand composed of a King and an Ace.

Take a look at this scenario. You have A-10-3-4-4. The dealer places a card on the table and it’s a King. As you have the Ace you are certain to have the highest hand. Even if at this point the dealer has a pair of 4’s like you, you will win because your Ace is higher than the King. At this point you should raise the bet because you’ve got the A, K plus the pair of 4’s.

The betting tactic

The next strategy has little to do with cards. This strategy is based on how you bet. Because of the progressive nature of some jackpots available online, the more you bet the maximum, the more it fills the progressive jackpot. This is why you do not place progressive bets while this jackpot is small because it’s necessary for this jackpot to be worthwhile in terms of winning.

Do strategies really work?

Looking at the rules of Caribbean stud is one way of trying to work out a suitable tactic or method of playing dependant on the situation. To start playing you bet the ante and you are dealt your 5 cards. He deals himself 5 cards one of which is placed face up. Instantly you can see if your hand has potential at this point and this gives the chance to either fold immediately or call the starting bet. To stay in the game you have to raise at this point. The card that’s showing doesn’t really give you much information; it’s just an illusion of information. Using a strategy at this point in the game is pretty much useless remembering that you’re still trying to find out if the dealers hand qualifies or not.

You can rise at this point because you’re holding a pair or stronger combination. Regardless of what you’re holding, betting is a way of gaining information potentially about what the dealer has. It can be the case that the dealer has a stronger hand than you so what should you do? Have a look at this scenario. Imagine that you’re holding a pair of threes and your best card is a King. The dealer shows you a card and it’s an Ace. Firstly you know that the dealer will not just stay and secondly their Ace beats your King. At this point if the dealer holds a pair higher than your 3’s, they’re likely to win by a mile. In this case your strategy should be one of caution and you should fold.

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