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Because of their approachable style and non-overbearing gameplay Eyecon have become popular to the masses since they tackled the gaming market in 2003. Having developed their online casino system over 4 years prior, they now have the foundations in place to build a software empire. Admittedly empire may be a strong word, in fact it’s totally the wrong word, but least foundations are there. It would be fine if the rest of the industry didn’t move ahead of time and the year was still 2005.

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Eyecon Casino Software

The gaming software formats cover all devices from PC to Mac, android to IOS and with 60 plus titles to your disposal, you’ll be able to find out why their popularity has grown year by year. Aussie based Eyecon offer their users not only slot gaming but scratch cards for both bingo and casino sites, so no matter what type of game lover you are they will have made and built something for your entertainment.

Categories for their games range from action and adventure to cute slots and sport. Surely there is more to this company than meets the eye, (pun fully intended). They have branched out into other realms, delivering not only online systems, such a live gaming. They have also worked on television multimedia integration and online multiplayer immersive games.

See it’s not all cute fluffy toys and unicorns prancing under rainbows of delight.

Eyecon Online Slot Games

So they unashamedly boast for the female market, there is a selection of category themes like flowers, gems and knock off Disney characters (not the real title). Males are tailored for too, but the predominant colours here are pink and gold with heavy dashes of glitter.

The games though don’t just amount to standard 5 reel slots. Autumn Gold plays over 3 reel 9 pay lines. The graphics are unsurprisingly warm and glossy with rich colour. Temple of Isis offers a rudimentary trip to slave built Egypt, this one is a classic 5 reel slot.

The games all give the player a very smooth style of play and not slow like a lot out in the market. They all pop with colour and you know what, it may just be the Aussie way to be laid back about their slot games, and make something that is a quality product that does the basic jobs very well. Looking at the casino side of things they don’t mind getting their feet dirty. Partnering with heavy hitters Playtech, they share the know-how to bring some very popular games with progressive jackpots and live gaming, be it that when the loading page runs, Eyecon are not mentioned. Ah well.

Eyecon at an Online Casino

You’ll be able to tap in to Eyecon games by visiting Bet365. They were innovative ten years ago. You can see if they have dated by playing their plethora of online slots for yourselves.


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