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It feels easier to call this developer a brand. Felt Gaming house that level of upper class quality and finish, you’d happily call them the Jaguar or the Ralph Lauren of software development.

With their distinct prowess of table games, its become noticeable how the popularity has surrounded works like Felt Blackjack with it’s 5 star graphics and realistic game play. Their knowledge for player pleasure is obviously teased within additional gaming features, that are rarely seen online.

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Casinos powered by Felt Gaming
  Casino Bonus Terms Software Play
$1000+ 170 Free Spins
4 $6500+ 50 Free Spins
5 $1500+ 150 Free Spins
6 $200
7 $100

Felt Gaming Casino Software

Now for a gaming brand which is fairly new to the market be it a few years, you’d think Felt would be barking at the competition and putting the old dogs to rest. Surprisingly, however they still carry that air of decorum you get from their games, which means you’ll find out very little about them. Like a stately manor, all remains behind the gate. It’s not until the gates have flung open and the new game is revealed that you absorb all the lavish majesty of Felts efforts.

Crafted wizards of true table casino gaming, only the best ingredients will do when putting a new slot game together, meaning that your Blackjack, Roulette and Poker games are formatted to the latest HTML5 coding, which in turn means that if you have the matching luxury of Felt and are sat in the seat of your E type Jag V12 convertible, whilst your significant other spends your money shopping, you can relax and play to fund their expensive shoe fetish without any trouble whatsoever.

If Felt Gaming had a face to its elegant energy, it would be smugly looking at themselves in the mirror and giving a little wink.

Felt Gaming Online Slot Games

The Felt Games grace you rather than you grace the games. It’s like the only thing missing is the red carpet. The experience breathes and the visuals almost capture the full feel of being at a casino table in the flesh. It’s smooth and flows effortlessly, its as if it was meant for you and those around the table in multiplayer mode are your guests.

Felt combine the high class 60s Las Vegas touches with a modern day hint of flavour into the concoction of realism. Get sucked into the this lavish world of easy money and big stakes whilst the lights are dimmed low and let your desktop or mobile / tablet devise light up the space around you.

Felt Gaming seem to be on you side too, it’s first class service with a recovery rate between 93 and 96 percent. A score not gone unnoticed by players as it allows them to win pots of up to 2000 times in certain games.

Felt Gaming at an Online Casino

Felt's games are really engaging and seductive, such as 6-in-1 Blackjack, which is really enough to do. It is much more alluring than traditional blackjacks, as in this game you can play three hands at the same time and set each of six different side-ups, so that your chances of winning big pots will multiply. The site features include: Perfect Pairs, 21 + 3, Lucky Ladies, Suit 'em Up, Lucky Lucky and Buster Blackjack. It allows you to quickly select all the page information and play rounds that can win very good sums. There are some good rules on the game and the side bets make it the best game to be played so far.

Where many other manufacturers are still wearing the same pair of trousers and are competing for better slot machines to stay at the top of the game world, Felt has taken another turn and focuses on top-of-the-line table games. As players and operators are very happy with the games, it looks like the contracts will continue and Felt's games will continue to be found on many of the favourite poker sites found at Casino Bonuses Index.


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