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Originally formed to provide development services in the far reaching land of online casino, they have now upped the ante and are now a functioning multichannel online game developer and studio. Honing their smart thinking across major devices and languages, they are now penetrating deep within the online casino and gambling markets to bring about new levels of customer pleasure and gaming experiences.

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Ingenuity Gaming Casino Software

Claiming that the fellow tech companies are apprehensive with the HTML5 software to power the iGaming, they again state they are one of few to run with this experiment.

Really? Fine, if you say so. It’s like saying that whilst all makers of hoovers are unsure of the witchcraft behind the bag-less hoover, they are embracing Dyson principle of a bag-less hoover. A crass analogy granted, but already they are annoying!

So, if you have any luck finding a game of theirs to play, it will be available on all devices and mobile. For PC and Mac the software will run on Flash and Java.

The arts department with their shirts on back to front continuously graft at new ideas with carved potato shapes dipped into paint, improving and adapting 2D and 3D animation. This team, will storyboard ideas and sketch plans just before nap time.

Ingenuity Gaming Online Slot Games

Games are currently under house arrest, if you find one lurking outside please report.

Ingenuity Gaming at an Online Casino

When Ingenuity aren’t wowing the internet with their programming, gaming and design. They will be developing turnkey’s. Turnkey’s offer solutions to development and programming with leave you with an end result of a game that meets regulatory standards in compliance. To which they have catered for some of the largest land based and online companies, providing game art, animations and sound. Must be busy because they have over 500 live games that have passed the test in their “internal Testing lab.”

Sounds like ramblings of a terrible slapstick villain… “and in our testing lab we have built a laser! Mmwaa-hahaha”.

For all we know thought the brunt of Ingenuity is thriving out in the market somewhere. We know they exist as their twitter page is updated with images of attendances to ceremonies and conventions, even the odd team bonding photo appears. We expect that in sometime within our enormous library of content, an abundance of links will guide you towards sampling their software.


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