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How sweet it is that something comes along so niche, it has us salivating over how the future of gaming is going to be. The love child between the partnership over at casino software developers and super futurists JoinGames are looking to push themselves and us to new levels within the modern world of tech.

We all know that Virtual Reality exists in many forms including some new ultra tech based online casinos, so we wait patiently, twiddling our thumbs with anticipation to see how JoinGames will make it work an an online casino setting.

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JoinGames Casino Software

Okay, the software has been on the market for a little while, but development is ever progressing. JoinGames are continuingly offering the benefits of their product to lift operators and players experience in combining live action with game play and interactive animation. So where are the games you ask? Not ready just yet. Alongside Parallel 66, JoinGames will unleash the beast at ICE 2017, where they will introduce to the world the first, of hopefully many games in this format. The first is Kleopatra VR. If the pleasure of walking around ancient Egypt and all its tombs and crypts wasn’t enough, add to that the pleasure of winning money within the game.

JoinGames Online Slot Games

For JoinGames the online slots and Premium slots are formatted with your basic slot layouts. It’s as if the focus for this elite designer has been the VR. So what do they offer? How about a Bruce Lee knock-off – The Dragon. Oriental wonders that have a 15 pay line offering, but you’ll find more mouth-watering delights if you looked at your local takeaway menu. Within their premium slots you have Zombie Escape. Like all premium slots on offer this has features and bonuses. This games has 20 pay line and has nifty graphics, with fancy video icons, so you can watch blood splatter in slow motion.

Bonus rounds reveal more animation. Inside the bonus round we are presented with five zombie guarded doors. We opted for the most attractive zombie, turns out we shot her. You get to pick again, seeing as the bullet icons count drops from 3 to 2. Let’s shoot the fat guy! And then the cop. Despite the wins there’s an animated twist in the end, but we won’t ruin that for you.

JoinGame offer CineSlots. The bonus rounds are opened by a part video animation rather than a full on graphic one.

JoinGames at an Online Casino

It’s hard to point the finger really when you have a company looking to break ground with a VR game that consumers can win money in. Ever demanding aren’t we, but seeing as the main core of gaming is frugal, they certainly know how to make the average look good.

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